Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random excerpts.............

Today feel like sharing the random excerpts conversations i have had with my two boys, they are all nothing but candid and funny to me at least, hope you like them.

Papa. " Marvell, how do you know i love your mother?"
Marvell." I sure know lah"
Papa. " So how do you know?"
Marvell. " Because almost everyday you say " I love you to mommy ma"

Jovial. " Papa, how come you and mommy still so close, even there are times you argue and quarrel like non stop?"
Papa, " Well Jo, because we are like sand papers, the more we polish the smoother we become."

Papa, " Marvell, do you want a baby girl or not ?"
Marvell," I want a sister and not another brother"
Papa, " But i cannot give you a baby girl sister"
Marvell, " Why?"
Papa, " Because you always sleep with mommy all the nights"
Marvell, " You can come in in the middle of the night ma"

Marvell, " Papa, how come when you massage for mommy, you always ask me to go out of the room?"
Papa, " Because we have to be totally naked when i massage for her"
Marvell," Only mommy naked can already ma, you dont have to because you massage for mommy ma. not she do for you."

Jovial," Papa, how come i cant see the first strand of my pubic hair?"
Papa, " Dont worry Jo, you will see it in no time when it comes."

Papa, "Marvell, can you love me 100%?"
Marvell, " Cannot papa, only 50 %, another 50 % for mommy"

Papa, " Jo, i think soon, you will be kind of rebelious in no time already"
Jovial, " Why you said that. papa?"
Papa, " You just raised your voice. albeit not intentionally at me."
Jovial, " I did that because i was afraid you might not hear it, because you are getting old ma"

That's all folks, see you next time on..........."You Never Asked For It" i just gave it to you"

P/S : Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry but i enjoy both


  1. they make u and always..
    good that u wrote these down, u will remember them by when u r at my age.. now if u ask me to recall my kids' conversation, it is impossible, i seem to lost my memory on that.. if there was a blog then..... i would have so much to write..

  2. u can start the "Jo and Marv said the darnest things"...good idea eh...another theme for ur blog hahaha

  3. He is just cute... :) is good to keep this conversation. May be you could show it to him next time (when he is older) :")

  4. Hahaha!

    your kids sure know how to get back at you.

  5. Kids are very candid at times. Can say unexpected things too.

  6. LOL... it really make you want to laugh when listening to their responses. My elder kid too!

  7. Papa, " But i cannot give you a baby girl sister"
    Marvell, " Why?"
    Papa, " Because you always sleep with mommy all the nights"

    why got a bit hidden 18sx thing..

  8. Well, I laughed at some convos and i went o.O at the 18SX part... hahaha

  9. actually recall all these conversation? Awesome. :D

    Indeed like you said, very candid. :p

  10. Anyway I have just cared for you bro. Have a nice day. :D

  11. Hilarious! I like the one about massage. Kids say the darnedest things, alright! Thanks for sharing, Eugene.

  12. wah.. itu sand n paper philosophy very cun wan.. the more we polish the smoother it gets.. fuiyo!

  13. hahahaha
    lil kids are genius indeed...thats what i always think tho.

  14. can I laugh? muahahahahhahahahaah... seriously, kids nowadays really make us laugh with their words...

  15. Muahahahaha I cant give you baby girl because you always sleep with mommy XD hahaha you only massage mommy ma why do you need to be naked too?! wahahahahaha reminds me of kids says the darnest thing =X

  16. You and your son so cute!!!!! ^^ you should come out with a book or something just talk about your son! hahaha i will be your first fan!!! I just too enjoying reading the conversation between you and Marvell ;)

  17. u really have yr quality time with yr boys..keep it up..