Friday, November 20, 2009

A Child's dream..................

I remember when i was small, nobody i mean litterally nobody would ever ask me what i wanted to be when i was all grown up, never knew that dreams sometimes do come through, seriously, believe it or not, up untill now, it seems that my dream(s) are still very elusive and seem a distant.

Today's is the day when my eldest son will be getting his elementary UPSR result, this was the conversation ensued between me and him in regards to his impending result........

Papa, " Jovial, how many As are you confident of getting?"
Jovial," Confident one 4As."
Papa, " That's very good, can get 5As ka?"
Jovial," I think also can lah"
Papa." How about 6As?"
Jovial," I wish i could lah, i would love to, papa but ........."
Papa, " How about straight 7As, Jo,do you think you could do it?"
Jovial, " If i got it, Papa, i tell you it is only luck lah"

After the conversation has ended in relation to his UPSR impending result, i intercepted by asking him this question, " Jovial, what is your dream?" and i can tell you i was amazed by his spontaneous answer to my question then he said this to me, " Papa, you forgot already ka?, i told you i wanted to be an actor" to his respond ," i am sorry Jo, i didnt forget, i just thought that you might forget, sorry. but then again you wanted to be an actor in the likes of ?"

Again, without any pause, he said this, " told you already ma, i wanted to be like Jim Carrey" then i gave him a pat on the shoulder and telling him do keep that dream alive...........

Well, my Jovial, Jim Carrey, seems far fectch, doesnt it? but as a father i will keep reminding him of his DREAM.............. Blockbuster................" A child's Dream" starring Jovial Ung Ee, coming to cinema near you in year 2020...please book your tickets now...

Hmmmmmm, looks like today's result of his UPSR will not be a crediantial for his interview for the role of Jim Carrey....

Q)Are you living your dream now, your dream job, your dream income, your dream happiness, your dream partner, your dream car,,,, no matter how big or small , are you?

P/S : My dream is now is to keep blogging, who knows, one day i wil be ........


  1. i hv achieved my biggest dream ie to be a graduate..i did my degree only after being married n with kids..

  2. Wah! An actor in the making. Sure rich la u daddy...

  3. I am definitely not living in my dream home, nor working in my dream job, or even living my dream life.

    It is all so different. But who knows, I might be achieve at least one or two in the future. I will keep trying to achieve.

    Now let your son know not to give up his dream. Keep trying, keep going, never let a fall break his dreams.

  4. hahahhahahah....he certainly got potential to be the next Jim Carrey with his facial distortion like that...very Jim I grow older...i dont really put so much emphasis on my dreams...they never seeem to come true...hahahha.....

  5. wow..very gan cheong day... so what is his UPSR results??

  6. Oh yes eugene, keep that blogging dream of yours alive.. who knows, you'll be a big shot blogger one day! :P

  7. The problem with most parents back in the old day is they never really have faith in a child's dream... I dont know about you but my parents is giving me that impression. they never encourage or really show support when you have a dream and try to achieve that dream. some parents just wanted their dream to be their children's dream. Well, Eugene, what you have in mind for your son is good. though some of their dreams might seems ridiculous and unachievable at the time but never ever tell a child that they cant, always believe in them and trust them. no one knows the future for sure. oops rambling thought =X

  8. Eugene, so..what is your dream? what did u want to be when u were younger? your son answered now is your turn to answer us :p

    and also tell us your son's results... my son Andy didnt get good results yesterday, 2.97 only, 0.03 below his scholarship limit. He is now in college, asking for a 2nd chance.. hope they will give him that.. *pray*

  9. Today UPSR result out....wish Jo all the best!

  10. All the best to Jo. Now, lets hear your dream.

  11. I've always wanted from the deepest of my heart..... to be a lawyer, seriously a lawyer. not for money or material gains, but i wanted to be like Justice Bao, fighting for the underpriviliged, the down and trodend, the outcast, the damned and the lost....

  12. haha, how did your son do? hope he is happy with his result. :)

    owh, lawyer, that's good. means u like to talk? haha...

  13. wow, this is awesome post, i just remember my childhood life, though i am still teen ager now, but it is really different moving and making stupid things that children enjoys to do. It is great to reminsce it and wishing to go back on that days, chasing friends with out skirt or even undies swimming... hahahaha

  14. Seriously? No one ever ask what's your dream bro? I have been repeatedly asked again and again while I was younger. :p

  15. Nope! I didn't achieve mine. I could have but I decided to chart a different path a few years ago. :p

    Wow...your son's dream is to be an actor in the like of jim Carrey? I salute him lar. It's good to be a dreamer. :)

  16. Anyway I have just cared for you bro. have a nice day ya.