Friday, September 04, 2009

There is still love and kindness in the air...

I dont believe it when people say that the world is cold now, there is no love and kindness anymore, there is no trust that can be found in us anymore, we build walls between us, we cordon off our friends, we dont make new friends, even if we do make new friends, we tend to be cautious about the friendship. Thank God my wife and i are not like that.

I hate it when friends are not sincere and they expect you to be sincere to them. For an example, they expect you to tell them things that they want to know about you but when you ask them the same, they reacted nonchalantly.

To illustrate.

Friend A...." So Eugene, what are you doing for a living?"

Eugene ......" I am running a small business with a good friend, dealing with printer related items.
like the inks, catridges and the toner. How about you then.what do you do for a living?

Friend A... " oh, you wouldnt want to know, very complicated......."

By now i must be thinking to myself "mother f**ker, i dont think you work for KGB or the CIA, what can be more complicated than that"

Our new found friends from Netherland, mother and daughter....(mother a doctor, daughter a future TV anchorwoman, may be like Oprah)

We (my wife and i) are the crusaders (hahahaha sounding so noble) in our very own ways believing that friendship still can be found, can be cherished, but the question is always, are willing to do it for somebody?

The lovely Veira and the duke (I mean dude.hahaha)

So today being Friday, take a little effort go and give somebody you miss a call or date him/her out for coffe or tea to chatting up the good times, let us be the one spreading the love.

Q) : Is there someone that you really long to meet up with?

P/S : Blessed is the one who gives


  1. Yeah!Sometimes this people are really irritating right? They want something for us but yet they are reluctant to recipocrate! Ha :D

  2. eugene my dad getting better now, tq for the warm thought friend...=)
    u too have great weekend...wink wink

  3. tonight got cell group in my house so will be meeting them and chat, updating cos we didnt meet up for 2weeks already...

    Hope u have a nice weekend too!! Behave and Be Good, Duke.. *dude*

  4. There are still, but sadly not publicly only among themselves.

    Lovely mother and daughter.

  5. good friends are a treasure.
    it's good if you can have even a handful. a blessing already.
    have a good weekend, eugene. :)

  6. the daughter is very pretty.
    i wanted to meet my 1st crush but i dunno where on earth is he, haih.

  7. LOL!
    your friend is much more polite than mine. =.="
    my one is like

    friend: hey.. what are u doing now?
    me: bla bla bla bla.. how about u?
    friend: it's non-of-your business..
    me: =__________="

    ofcoz that friend was meant to be JOKING, but I also felt a little bit "sien" already.

  8. eugene you're missing the dear wife too much.. haha.

  9. Hiya! I've been blog hopping and found yours. Lovely blog, and the posts are inspirational. Will keep dropping by and yes, it's friday and I'll definitely do some good today!

  10. Wah! Got Mat Salleh friends some more...No wonder so sombong now, go comment in my blog grumble2 only, angry all the time. Bwahahahahahahaha!!!

    Honestly, you and your mrs are so friendly, so loving, so kind, so generous... I really paiseh want to impose on you people all the time. I'm glad we're friends. We are, aren't we? LOL!!!

  11. wow...that daughter is really gorgeous. haha..
    i dont have many friends. Only those who really care. My hubby had just deleted all his useless friends from his contact list. haha..those friends who wants to have a good laugh with u but never there when u need them.

  12. seeing those photos reminded me of my friend Chris and his family in Perth...can't wait to see them this december! Anyway, thank u for dropping by to my blog. You should try paintball sometimes.. =)

  13. i would love to meet all my long lost friends esp my school mates.

  14. you have old friend that turns out to be a farce?
    sometimes not so old friends turns out to be like gems,eh?

  15. that's one hunky duke there... dude!

  16. Can feel that you have lots of friends around you! So nice so jealous =)! Umm... i got not much friends around me.. Because i am not really good in social~ so normally i just stick with my family and my dear dear :p

    But now i am so happy that i can make lots of new friends in my blog world! And also thanks for being my friend =)

  17. Very matching colours of both you & her slippers! Ooops is that all I noticed???(eugene scratching his head!

  18. love and kindness are actually basic human nature, altho' it's so often overlook in pursuit of life ambitions.

    treasure friendship and always keep the heart rich with love and kindness :)

    you have a great weekend Eugene.

  19. yeah....i also dun like ppl like that....worth giving some fingers to them hhahahha :)