Saturday, September 05, 2009

Finally Andy..............

Seriously,today being a Saturday is not the kind of Saturday that i would love to have simply because my lovely wife is not with me, but something nice happened to me though, i finally met Andy.

Who's Andy you may ask. so let me begin to tell you................

I was lounging on my sofa and nearly fell to sleep,body was so tired because of the morning session of tennis, so i was slowly dozing off, suddenly i was awaken from my nap when my phone started to ring and it was from my good friend,Claire.

I had before this promised her that i would scout a nice second hand car for her son, but some miscommunication happened, so suddenly i realized that my promise to her was not carried out and immediately i told her i would get it done by hook or by crook, by nut or by bolt today. ( i am sorry Claire for the delay)

My next course of action will definately be to calling up the main character Andy..... that's Claire's second son, appointment fixed with Andy, picked up from the college and took him to find out about the second hand car that i managed to scout for him.

To cut the story short (cos i never like long post), sent him back to the college, on the way back i was just thinking to myself, life indeed is funny and full of surprises. You see i have been friend with Claire when i started blogging, but there has never been one chance available that i could meet up with up, but i finally met up with the son and i am happy.

This is to you Andy, as you shared with me that it was real tough for your E & E course, just remember this that you have the might and the wisdom to do what you have to do to accomplish it and i have faith in you.

This is to you Claire, i am sure that you are one proud mom of the three lovely children,now i have met one, when can i meet the other two before i meet you.hahahaha?

P/S : I am glad that i could be of help to somebody,and it was a nice feeling.


  1. hi Eugene,

    what you did is really wonderful. suddenly i remember your previous post bout friendship, you are really a friend indeed, i do hope we can meet up someday for a kopi o kaw or a jug of beer may be hehehe,

    have a wonderful weekend my friend :)

  2. EUGENE!!! I owe u lots! I m indeed touched by your efforts and *song fai-ness"... the next few minutes when i called andy, he said he was already in your car... wa...lau... what a fast worker u r! somemore, got free makan for andy... so how much did i owe u all in all??? u said i got to pay consultation fees... can i pay u in food kind?

    *btw, my son said u r very cool! so rugged and unbelievable to be a father of 2... u put him to shame la.. he is so outdated..*

  3. wow....very nice of you to help ppl out all the way....pui fuk pui fuk :) must learn from u :)

  4. Claire, I told u he's a cool guy...looks like only 28! So did Andy buy the car, Eugene?...I hope so! Then I can ask him to chauffeur me around should I happen to go to Penang again...ummm...that is, if my dear friend, Eugene is busy or tied down with something! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    P.S. No photo of Andy?

  5. that was a kind deed indeed..great!

  6. Hey Uncle Eugen, thanks for the laksa today and for bringing me around =)

  7. this Uncle Eugene is not around la.. no response one.. let me answer for him la... STP, make sure u come within these few years if u want a driver.. hope the deal goes thru.. now gonna find the cash only.. any sponsors out here?

  8. May God bless your kind soul Eugene! Have a good Sunday. :)

  9. The wonderful world of blogging!

  10. good? Then I also want to buy a second hand car. Would you mind scouting for me Eugene? LOL :D

    Claire really owe you a lot right now. :)

  11. that's really nice =)

    andy.. i've seen him since high school =P

  12. muahaha.. that's the fun part of the blogging world.. and I hope I could catch up with Claire too, and not catching his son that is now in KL.. muahaha..

  13. So sweet of you :). That is a really great gesture. You're such a great friend.

  14. Its really good of you to go out of your way to help. What a good friend you are.

  15. Hey guys,stop buttering me up, it was really no bid deal........seriously No Big Deal.

    I believe in doing good,just doing good, that's all........

    The wonderful world of blogging,indeed