Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A little lesson over a Korean Drama

Last night while i was supposed to watch US Open with my eldest at about 11 pm, somehow or rather i was totally diverted and glued to another channel on pay tv Astro which was then showing a Korean drama with the title Being Green.

My eldest insisted that he wanted to watch US Open but i told him to give me a break because suddenly i had the strong urge to watch the Korean drama, and my son relented so he sat with me watching the show together.

The show was about a couple with two children, been married for 12 years started as friends ended up husband and wife. The husband fell in love with another girl that he claimed the he could not leave without her, so he wanted to walk out on the marriage because he claimed that suddenly he realized that his marriage was out of friendship and not love, but it was totally different feeling with the new girl.

As i was watching the show with my son,i was telling him that it is never good for a man to hurt another woman and man must stay loyal to the one we choose to marry. I told him just like how his papa would love his mommy so much. and i asked if he understood what i was saying, i was glad that he nodded.

I know my two sons will one day grow up to be handsome boys, i really want to teach them since young about being truthful in relationship. Slowly but surely i want them to grow up to be fine young man, to have a kind of relationship that their old man(that's me lah) can enjoy by staying truthful...............

P/S : The world can change but the values will always remain the same.


  1. good to always remind oneself and have the reinforcement in the kids. have a good week, eugene.

  2. Have a great week Uncle.

    I do found Korean and Japanese drama always teach me something about life~

  3. is good to teach the boys how to appreciate thier partner when they grow up...=)
    like father like son hehe

  4. lol..
    it's really rare that man actly watch KOREA DRAMA which is very girly.. lol..
    hope u have a good week ahead~

  5. i meant the korea drama is girly..
    not the men that watch korea drama..

  6. i've been thinking.. is it out of love or responsibility?

  7. No worries! You've two lovely sons! You and your wife have brought them up well...and I'm sure they'll grow up to become such wonderful and loving husbands...exactly like their dad! As we sow, so shall we reap...!

  8. hahah I'm guilty of watching a couple of episodes of korean drama while channel surfing :X

    a pretty good lesson learnt though *thumbs up*!

  9. Korean drama? never watched one before.. but my girl simply drools over them.. at times i caught her watching on youtube.. are the boys handsome? or the girls beautiful?

    btw, the post is about the lesson, not on the korean actors hor? nowadays kids are smart..u tell them the head, they know the tail already.. wah tau sing mei..

  10. and here I thought only women enjoys soppy korean dramas :P.

  11. waaa my goodness, you are such an incredibly wonderful guy, your wife and children are very lucky :) God bless :)

    ps: eugene is for real right, not some altered ego har?! hahhahah KIDDING!

  12. eugene, this what I wish the baboon in my blog will read and understand for himself too!

    I hope your boy boy will do well in his UPSR. Tell him Gambate!! :)

  13. Totally agree with you Engune. We must honour our wife with our trust. We gotta be loyal and trustworthy! :)

  14. Anyway I have just cared got you today. LOL :D