Friday, September 04, 2009

My baby is leaving me...........

My wife will take a short holiday back to her hometown, shortly after this post, i will be sending her to the airport, giving a kiss on her cheek and i will be left with my two wonderful sons.

For the next four days, i will miss doing these things with her that i would dearly miss for sure...

Will be missing our

1) Friday evening drinking session
2)Saturday morning run, breadfast together after the run, tennis session in the afternoon, and kids night out.
3) Sunday morning marketing, holding hands as we look for our weekly grocery supplies.

Most of all, i'll be missing her laughter, her kisses and hugs..........

This is a small picture of me and my wife, and kind of blurry,(purposely one)

Q) They say the longer you married to each other, you tend to look alike,you agree?

Ok Ok, they say they cannot tell from the small picture, i show you now the big big picture, do you think we look alike or not despite my hairless head? This is the lady i married 13 years ago,and the same lady i will stay married to for many years to come.

P/S : I Love You ( I admit i plagiarized from Cecelia Ahern's book title "PS I LOVE YOU then agian i really mean it..........)


  1. so what's ur plan with ur sons?
    I heard that too-but not sure if it's true.But, u know what, I do look like my hubby even before we got married. Everyone says we do look alike..I guess we are meant to be with each other..
    Good luck with the kids,Eugene!

  2. I am sure she feel the same.. and you do really got 夫妻相...don't think you make the picture blur, we cannot tell.. muhahaa..

  3. she will be back... so no worries ;)

  4. both of u are equally blessed to have each other!!

    so .. as the saying goes.. when the .... is away, the .... comes out to play..

    dont let that apply to u, huh?

    Yes, come to think of it and looking at the pics, both of u look alike a bit.. :))

  5. So.. what fun things have you got planned with your sons? She'll be back before you know it. :)

  6. Q) They say the longer you married to each other, you tend to look alike,you agree?
    A) AGREE!!! Ppl always said my parents look very alike.. =_____=”

    Awww.. 4 days later, she will be back!!

  7. so sweettttt.....dont worry..they will be back soon, sure they miss you too...=)

    bak kata orang " bila berjauhan rindu akan semakin dalam kan..."

  8. don't worry, it's only 4 days. :P
    How come your boys not follow their mummy go back to the hometown?

    While missus not around, three boys at home cannot be naughty naughty ya. :D

  9. Where is she going? Wish her a happy and safe journey for me, and hope she enjoys the break (A chance to get away from the hubby for a while! Hahahahaha!!!)...and you! Be a good boy while she's gone...and take good care of your two lovely boys!!!

    P.S. You look like Kao Ling Fong in the pic! LMAO!!!

  10. aww... I bet she'll miss you more than you'll miss her! :)

    I find that being apart for a few days is great for the relationship. It brings about renewal in feelings and it reminds us not to take our other half for granted.

  11. yes, looking like each other because of too much of saliva exchange :) Happy Hari Bujang :)

    ps: oh and clicked :)

  12. sweet. Hey. I wrote a similar post just 2 days ago. My wife went back to her hometown for 5 days and now is your wife? LOL :D

    Yeah! I'm sure you'll miss her a lot. That shows you love her mah!

  13. Really? If get married longer then will look more alike? Serious? haha :D but you and your wife do look alike...perhaps is the hairstyle?

    By the way I have just "cared" for you. :p

  14. LOL ya two of you really look alike!!!!!! Amazing! =)

  15. very true. U do look alike. But I dont think it's true for all couples. I and hubby are totally opposite, in looks and size. Haha..anyway, good luck with the kids. Absence makes the hearts grow fonder. :-) She'll be back in no time.

  16. well, it's a good break..absence will make the heart grows fonder..

  17. Wah u r such a ROMANTIC hubby! So lucky you wife eih..

    Being separated for few moments will tighten your relationship even better...stronger.

  18. Wow you guys really do look alike :) Very matching couple. YOu behave this weekend ya Eugene. Don't worry, before you know the missus will be back with goodies :)Have a good weekend!

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  20. Orhhh noti Eugen..lau poh nt around pigi "khau" MAT SALLEH//mother & dotter somemore huh??? (Just kidding ok)

  21. yeah both of you look resembles to each other ... lagi2 ada moles tu at ur faces..hehe very alike!