Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mission Incomplete.........

The Preamble...........

I love to see happy people, and i love to make my friends happy, even if they call me a crown but i believe God has given me the gift of the gab and i want to use it to bring a little happiness to others in ways i could but sometimes i fail, like this one......

The Story................

I have known this lady friend for a long time now, she is in her mid 50s, she has three daughters, one day as i was in her office chit-chatting, she told me that her second daughter was getting married this year end, and she was sharing with me how this and that happened during the plannings of the Big Day, some funny ones, some angry ones and some happy ones as well.

After so much of talk about the wedding, i suddenly asked her about her eldest daughter who is in her early 30s, then she looked at me and asked, knowing me that i know many friends, if i could introduce her daughter a "potential candidate" and i hurriedly told her not a problem at all.

So i took it upon myself another mission that i was confident to achieve for i have a number of "potential candidates" to spare, hahahahahahah. I began to bring those "potential candidates" to mind, and trying to zeroing the candidates that correspond to my friend's request for instance non smoker is the prerequisite and others.

Bingo, i finally managed to "bull eye" one guy who in my opinion fits the bill. Happily, i called my friend up and telling her that i had a friend that i could introduce to her eldest daughter, and she was as delighted as i was, and she told me to fix an appointment over a lunch date, but she had just another request though that in a way agitated me..........

She asked me to play Sherlock Holmes, she wanted me to check on my friend's family background,like is he the only son, how nice his parents are, does he have to support the parents, does he have to stay with the parents after the marriage and others. Suddenly, all my enthusiasm die off.

I am not playing for keep as far as match making is concerned, i was only doing some favor for friends, and playing Sherlock Holmes is not my day job, and not my hobby either. Diplomatically, i told my friend, i would see what i could do and this is one mission remains incomplete.

The End

I've always thought it would only take two to tango, but the problem is there are too many on the dance floor.

Q)Should i continue with my mission ?

P/S : I guess some people are happily unmarried, and some are happily married


  1. Although sometimes, the two need others to start the tango..
    just sometimes :D

    Keep the lunch date On, but I wouldn't be Sherlock..

  2. that is one chinese proverb..all makes sense one.. something like this.. "if the matchmaker has done a good job, people will praise, if the marriage is not lasting, then the matchmaker will be "cursed" for 3 generations." ... hahahaa.. ever heard of that? or am i wrong?
    i have yet to confirm with my chinese ed frens..but i think u should know..hehehee...
    anyway, i would say to myself, take him or leave him.. take it or leave it... dont ask me to be kaypor and ask so many questions from the male.. it is not our grandparents generation anymore :)

  3. just let the two meet. spying? leave it be. No need to do more. If she ask, just say you don't have time to find out all. :-)

  4. ahahaha....your lady fren had just asked for a mile from you :) i dont think it is wise or maybe it is unfair (to the candidate) to be the PI for this lady fren unless she is willing to let you bare all to this fren who you are going to introduce to her daugther...and

    PS: some are unhappily married :)

  5. LOL .... well... i love the comment by reanaclaire hahah exactly ... i think better just let it be ;) maybe just intro to each other ... the rest just up to em =P

  6. 唔做中,唔做保,唔做媒人三代好!muahaha..

  7. you've done what you should and leave the rest to them :) hope they can work out something..

  8. I think the lunch date is ok but from what I see, your lady friend will not be easy to please in a way that she is really controlling everything for the daughter even before the first meet. My opinion is leave it all to the young ones to take care. A 30s old girl will know how to take care of herself.

  9. Sounds really funny. She wants you to be detective LOL~

    But better don't proceed lor, if their relationship or marriage turns out bad they will blame you. Not good not good :)

  10. I suppose the doting mum wants what's best for her daughter...but it takes two hands to clap, and it takes two to make a marriage work. What you said is true - some people are happily unmarried, some are happily married. These days, marriage is an option, not a necassity.

    P.S. Next time I will ask you to find one for my daughter also, can or not, brother? Hehehehehe!!!!

  11. hmmm...
    All fated one...
    I think no harm for u to continue with ur mission. who knows they will thank you in the future leh?

  12. HAHAHAHA~~ match maker…
    U can continue enthusiasm-ly if u are very closed with the female friend of yours and practical watched her daughter to grow up from baby to adult.
    But, if just normal friend, just do what u could do, no need to play Sherlock Holmes. =p

    BECAUSE @reanaclaire said already
    "if the matchmaker has done a good job, people will praise, if the marriage is not lasting, then the matchmaker will be "cursed""
    especially if that is just a very normal, so so friend.

    my opinion la..

  13. Matchmaking is on. Sherlock Holmes is not. Your mission is complete with the arrangement of the lunch date. Just tell your lady fren dat you dunno how to spy spy one lah...

  14. least you tried right bro? better than nothing mah! :p

    But well....your friend is just worried about her daughter's future. :)

  15. Just gave you some love bro. Take care and have a match-making nice day. LOL :D

  16. Jst arrange the lunch date. The rest you just leave to the nosey mom. Jst remind her of that.

    I remember I asked you to fix me up with someone b4, but you declined...Lol.

  17. hmmmm...the mother want the best for the daughter and also worried the girl's future, but on your side here also hard. I agree with what claire comment. Always i got friend ask me to introduce them some friends, i said i can introduce them as friend, anything further than that, i don't want to know and also don't blame me for anything. :)