Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1 Malaysia, 1 year old.....

To begin with,i am 100 % am proud to be a Malaysian, am utterly honored to have our own diversities, to be immensely blessed that this land is full with its own uniqueness that none can compare but then again i am equally saddened by the fact there are many who prefer not to let us blend in as ONE, i am flabbergasted that one would go to the extent of hurting others just bccause we are different.

When i read that our leaders asked us to exercise tolerence in relation to our differences, i almost had an heart attack. Why should i tolerate my brethren's ways of living that are opposite to my own? instead i should accept with open hearts my brethren's differences, to blend in as ONE, to learn of others' difference.

When one tolerates, it only means that one has inflicted malaise upon others, one is uncomfortable to the differences of others, that one has to stoop lower to the others to accept our differences.

The spirit of 1 Malaysia should transcend religion, race, color,gender, political stance and belief,
we should have the political will to change what needs to be changed to bring about the manifestation of true spirit of 1 Malaysia, we must be bold enough to banish those bigots that thrive on harping the sensitive issues. to reject those politicians that gain their political mileage by fighting for one individuality.

Q) What's the most shocking saying by politician that you have ever heard?

P/S : Today i feel like "sounds like me, looks like me, could it be me?"


  1. I don't know when will 1 Malaysia really become reality...don't know can live until that day come or not. For those rubbish talks by most of the politicians, Malaysia is going nowhere now. I think will need to change 2020 vision to 2050...

  2. Is kinda hard though with all the diffrent "treatment" (or should I say benifits) that each of malaysian are getting.

    The most shocking one, I think is on one of the youtube video where one politician is decline to answer a question ask by a STAR reporter because the question is asked in "bahasa orang putih". (Sound kinda silly, but is true). and I kinda imagine how could we archive 1 Malaysia if even the politician is not role modeling it. (Just makes me wonder...)

  3. forgive me as i'm not really into politic. btw, *ads clicked* for you!

  4. The most shocking thing I ever heard? Hahahahhahahaha!

    Sorry had to laugh first...

    it would be *drum rolls*


    That is the word :P.

  5. my comment: sigh...
    not much hope...
    much too late...
    cannot compare to the 1960s & 1970s all these spoilt by the power grabbing leaders after that..

  6. 1Malaysia~


    To be honest, when it been launched, I was laughing after know th real meaning of it. It's just because I do practiced unity among races and religions since I was a kid, graduated and up until now.

    It's not something new for some of us I guess.

  7. i hv a feeling 1 malaysia is impossible to achieve in malaysia.

  8. 1 Malaysia .... needs long time to make it =( ...

  9. Q) What's the most shocking saying by politician that you have ever heard?

    A) Itu cina all penumpang only! =____="

    No racist here, just answer what you've asked..heheheh!

  10. ...and that Tolol fella saying that it was just a stupid cow... So insensitive!

  11. 1 Malaysia....

    Just waiting....





  12. give me five! i am a proud malaysian too...but i wasnt before i come to japan....malaysia is just too unique, singapore cant even compare to us....and i cannot imagine myself waking up to one race alone...i consider everything uttered by politicians bullshit filled with personal agendas....

  13. I am proud to be Malaysian too Bro! :) Gimme five. Piak!

    Ha :D Yes! We are really unique compared to the others. I agree with your bro. We should accept and embrace our other comrades way of life. :)

  14. I hope with Najib's 1Malaysia...all of us could be really colour blind again! :)

    Anyway I have just cared for your bro. Have a nice day.

  15. happy malaysia day! =)

    ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

  16. well..we hv seen much..just wait n see..

  17. yeah,he should drop the word tolerence - "gotong royong" better ...hehe