Thursday, August 20, 2009

Old man and his fetish.....

Let me share this story with you, i once read from a Chinese tabloid, dont know if it is true as the tabloid claimed it was a true story,, here goes. After reading this story, please share your thoughts,ya?

" There was this mute and dumb widow living in a slum area, in her mid 30s, her children had all forsaken her and she lived by herself in the most deplorable living condition one cant even imagine, she worked as a hawker helper through out the day, and at night she would just retire in her shabby, rotten house. Most of the people knew of her existence, but none knew of her sorrow, she was the victim of rape most of the time by the drunkards.

Nobody would come to her rescue, and everytime when she was raped, she would hit something so hard to chalk up the noisy sound, to vend her frustration. So everytime, when people heard the loud noise, they knew something bad had happened to this mute and dumb widow but still nobody came to her aid, untill.......

Untill one day, somebody noticed a big Mercedes parked near the widow's house for the first time, and when the Mercedes left, again the widow would crank up the noise and somebody knew the widow was raped again but this time it could be different, may be the culprit might not be the drunkards...

True enough, after a few days, somebody saw the Mercedes again, but this time the police was alerted and the owner of the Mercedes was caught for the crime of raping, he was a rich man in his mid 50s.

He was brought to court, when his ways of settling things with his money turned to be futile and he was asked in court why did he do such sickening act of raping a mute and dumb widow and in the slum area and his answer was like this....

I found enjoyment in the act of what i did, even if i could afford to pay for the hookers, they just dont give me the satisfaction as what i could get from my crazy act....."

Q) Do you think there is an animal in everyone of us?

P/S : It is crazy but it is true,,, you have fetishim, sadism and all the nonsense. God save us


  1. to answer your question, yes i think so.

    i bet everyone has an evil thought once in a while. just that either you really make it happen or just leave it in your mind. back to that old man, he's damn sickening

  2. wah man... this is sickening! Some people enjoy making another suffer! Agree with what jen has said, deep within each one of us, there is an element of evil.

  3. I wonder why some rapers dont rape their own wives...
    Maybe this is the reason...

    Note: Your blog so popular... I never get a chance to be ur first reader to comment.

  4. i do believe there is an animal hiding in everyone of us.

    but most of the time we can control the evil side, like sometimes ppl just have the evil thought, but not all is going to take the action running in their thought.

  5. what comes around goes around....maybe not here in this world....but judgment day!!

  6. Everyone in us have a evil element. Just how evil it is depends very much on the person.

    Fetish? Sadist? Again is the same answer... But with this it all depends on how we see it and how we want it to been seen or heard. There are some who doesn't bring it out, there are some who are crazy enough to let it all out like this guy in the story with no shame.

    I have heard of this story before and sadly it isn't just one case. There are lots more.

  7. Sickening people like this should be banished from the face of earth.

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  9. I think so as well. Agreed with Jen. Just we need to know how to control the evil inside and never let it control over ourselves.
    That old man is really so sick. Sometimes I wonder why those rich people is so fetish? Maybe they got too much money and got nothing better to do?

  10. the neighbours are equally bad.... know about this and not helping at all! is this true story? happening in Malaysia?

  11. Yeah ... there's always an animal is us. It's a matter of how we control that other side of us which keep us from troubles and hurting others and the solution is loving-kindness.

  12. i think yes.
    everyone has "animal" inside them.

    it's hard to predict.

    some people who act normal, not talkative, kind hearted and soft spoken might be a "wild animal" in bed do things like bondage, fisting, scat or even spanking.

    we just never know.

    even my friend claimed that he likes to play raping act with his wife!

  13. Yes, indeed, there is an animal in each of us. I discovered this not long ago... but you know something? We can lock up the animal in us if we make effort to do so. All it takes is courage and some will to do so.

  14. Just wondering why nobody go and rescue her? I feel so bad now =(

  15. Yes, the animal is living within us.. just that it's not being release and under control for those sane people like you and me..

    and in return for my appreciation, I come here everytime there is an update on your blog.. but could never be the first to comment... :P

  16. is this a true story?
    i m more heartache to know the children left her.

  17. Phew! What a relief! For a moment I thought this would be a post about me! LOL!!!