Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The devil and the run.............

Guess you all know by now if you have been following me(ahem), i love beers so much so that i didnt know i could get kind of mildly addicted to it,been drinking regularly since last week and i told myself i wanted to cut it down drastically, the one thing that i've failed to do thus far.

After the dinner last night, as usual my wife was tending to my sons' homework, it was around 8.4o pm, i was lazing on couch watching TV but somehow my mind just could not focus on the show, subconsiouly in my mind, i was hoping that my buddy would call me for a drinking session but on the other hand i was telling myself adamantly i would refuse any beer invitation.

I guess the devil was whispering to me about 10 minutes or so, enticing me with the jolly good times i would have if i were to go out drinking with my buddies, but deep inside of me i knew that i didnt want to lose myself to devil. So as i struggled, i decided to do just one thing that i really like in the attempt to ward off the the devil's calling, this one thing is RUNNING.

So i stormed into my room, took out my running vest and short, sneaked into my running shoes, hit the road and started to run. I ran and i ran for about 1 hour non-stop untill 9.55 pm and i was drenched with sweat and i knew i've won the fight against the devil last night and i also knew there would be more fights to conquer.

Didn't know night running can be so much fun, what a pleasant discovery.......... when i came back after doing up the laundry, had some munch for supper and i was dead tired,i hit the bed and started to continue reading my current favourite author Mary Higgins Clark's Daddy's Little Girl,,,beautiful night it was without binging of beers...

If you love Sydney Sheldon, Tom Clacny, Rober Ludlum or James Patterson, then i am very sure you will like Mary Higgins Clark,,, she is really good.

Q) Do you have any addiction that you really want to get rid off?

P/S : I know i am weak but i know i am strong too...............................................


  1. i lurve sidney sheldon, eugene.. unfortunately he has passed on already.. i will check out this author mary higgins, sure nice? see where to get rented or 2nd hand books for this... buying it can be expensive, esp after reading, i chuck it aside...

  2. Eugene, that is good, u can fight with the beer now! Keep it up...
    Regarding the book, i hv no time currently for reading story book leh!

  3. ooo i m glad u didnt get tempted... so run more often.

  4. hahaha..
    that's a lot of effort to get rid of beer addiction..

    keep it up.. !

  5. well done!

    maybe u can replace beer with something else...
    Like how to stop coffee...
    hmmm... maybe beer for muslim help???
    or maybe redbull, malta?

  6. Ha ha, Cheers jogging! LOL

  7. I have been reading patricia cornwell. What is this book about? A little summary? I really don't have a particular favorite author, if the story is nice, I would go for it. Which is why I always spend more time in a bookstore than a boutique compared to most girls hehe.

    Glad you didn't drink.. guess more running then. Keep you healthy anyway. I got an addicition to chewing... very bad... makes me fat.. so I think I need to resort to chewing gum... then I wonder if diabetic will come along haha.

  8. I used to read Mary Higgins Clark's books and yes, I agree they're good.

    I think that beer episode's a sign of addiction. It's good that you exercised instead of reaching for that drink.

  9. Alcohol is the devil of all! CONQUER IT!

  10. whoa.
    that is a big step to do -- running at night!

    what i want to get rid is starring at the mirror for hours and reading book in the toilet!

    what should i do?

  11. Sometimes beer session with buddies are very tempting...But I never try night jogging before. It is good that you win the battle.

  12. good for you, and keep it up... :)

  13. I used to enjoy drinking sessions with buddies now. In fact I met hubby in a pub! lol. But I'm a complete teetotaler now. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and now due to health reasons, there is no more reasons for me to drink. I'm also off coffee.

    Good thing running made you win your fight. Keep it up then. :)

  14. well done!

    Do continue writing it out here, so you know you are not alone. You have us, and our support.

  15. I am stronger knowing that i have bunch of you lovely bloggie friends that i truly appreciate, the funny thing is i never met anyone of you, and that's makes it more meaningful and endearing,,,,

    loveeee you guysss

  16. Bravo Eugene, bravo *flicks tears* Let's keep the drinking (2 cans max perhaps) to the weekends ok :)

  17. my hubby likes to drink during invited dinners. He enjoys it but I hate it when he gets drunk.

  18. We are all both strong strong and weak at the same time...