Friday, August 21, 2009

Emails, My Wife and Our relationship.........

It is now 8.35 am, at the time of writing this..................

I am now MSNing with my friend, (ok, my ex who is in Amstredam now, it is about 2.35 am there) we are talking about internet, on line business and whatever not, she is a successful technopreneur i reckon, so it is always good to learn from somebody who is better than you are, even if it means she is your EX,,,,hahahaha... ok i cant really multi-task this well, come back shortly and share my thoughts,,please stay tuned.

All right, i am done with her(internetly speaking hahahah), while i was MSNing with Sharon (my ex's name) i asked her why she stayed up so late, and i was like dumbfounded when she told me that she had about 1800 over emails to read and to reply,that's like daily affair. At this juncture, suddenly i felt like sharing my thought on this as well.let me digress from Sharon and back to my lovely wife, ditto.

My wife works in an international freight forwarding company,which means literally she deals with people across the globe and that translates into thousands of emails that she recieves and replies on a daily basis. At one point of time, i was so frustrated about her not leaving her fingers form the keyboard and typing away, and and that i was feeling a bit loss in a husband and wife relationship, but now i've grown to accept it in certain ways but i still do not think it is healthy to be emailing away, i told her there must be space between certain things that we do and things that we have.

So i guess, my wife and myself will have to strike a balance in this triangle...emails, myself and herself. Dont worry, it is not detrimental to our marriage in any way here, it is about me sharing my feeling and my thoughts here, hoping someone out there can identify with me and that makes me happy.

Q)Tell me how many emails do you receive on a daily basis, work and personal combined?

P/S : Give me a little bit, give me a little bit of your time to me


  1. am i the first commentator today???

    I receive only 1-2 emails daily - work. (I work in a small company)

  2. I seldom checking my mails...hihi..

  3. I dont give out my emails that easy but I still receive quite a few, my husband recieve more but it doesn't interfere our relationship as husband and wife...I do sometimes get upset of some of the emails he recieve though even if it's some kind of jokes or seomthing, that's my only problem of the whole email/internet thingey.

  4. My emails are mostly from updates from comments left on my blog, blogger kakis and junk mails forwarded from long lost "friends" plus spam lots and lots of spam. Usually I just delete the forwarded mails without reading. So where emails are concerned, I think my inbox definitely not big enough to become a part of a triangle. :)

  5. i get 3-7 emails per day. i strongly dislike forwarded email.

  6. ok.. i just go count how many emails i received per day. HAHA..

    work related email per day:
    70-100 depends on whether there is any issue happened.

    personal [friends]
    100 - 150 per day.. HAHAHAHA... =_____=, we were treating outlook like MSN, a group chatting room.

  7. Ahh i quite "cham"~ seldom receive email from friends. I think most of them are quite busy. And from business one, so far in my hometown we seldom deal with online stuff normally all is face to face or maybe by phone call.


    Have a nice day ya! :)

  8. E-mails?

    Well..i do check my email daily, but i don't entertain forwarded messages (intended for fun) because i really don't have time for this. I will read email that is intended to communicate with me only. Heheh

  9. I receive about 3-4 emails from office and about 6-7 personal emails daily... mostly forwarded emails on my personal one. Office ones are all those training stuffs, jobstreet promotion and some supplier reg stuffs.

    But with all this emailsyour wife receive and her spending more time on with the keyboard than you, gives you more time to blog too. But of course, there should be times when she spends all her attention on you. ;)

  10. at work during peak period = about 100 a day, ppl in my company love to forward e-mails even though not related to me *sigh*

    at work during non-peak period = less than 30 a day

    personal inbox = :( <== judge by this espression bahh

  11. eugene.. dont be surprised when i say this.. right at this moment, i have around 1,400 emails pending for me to read!!! believe me or not? ever since i started blogging, i have "neglected" my day now i read a few and then i log out.. so it keeps accumulating.. i m not talking about spams but real emails.. though most are XXX ones..hahahaa... i just delete them.. the one who sent to me is not really my fren... he is someone who had added me to his each day he has many to sent..but some are very nice touching informative emails... not all are XXX OK?

  12. it depends... if i included all the notifications from myLot, blogs and facebooks, will be like hundreds and thousands?

  13. LOL i receive quite a bit of email at work. As for personal emails, definitely much more. The hubster and I usually email each other when we're at work. It makes the day sweeter and nicer :) I def look forward to his personal email than crappy work email.

  14. i receive quite a lot of mails mainly from sites that i signed up. friends will normally sms me.

  15. from all 3 email addresses, i get around 7-day in average :D

  16. I leave work at work. No work to be done at home....coz work never ends and even when we 'end' the work finds someone else to work on them! :)

    But long as work at home is not detrimental....

  17. highest record I have = 600 emails in 3 you can imagine if I don't take my iPhone along during my vacation of a week..mails pile don't call me EX !