Saturday, August 22, 2009

I was a man............

This is something that i really have all the qualm about sharing it,but after so much thought and today being friday and being true to my blog readers and being just me and bold-talking and all that, i decided to share it here,,, about my extra marital affair albeit never happened....because i love my wife so much to let it happened.

Just the other day, one of my buddies" pushed me to the corner" in wanting to know if i had really been good or had i never come to any situation that could cause me to be "bad" as far as marriage was conerned, he said i was like propagating myself as one saint guy and he said that i was not that "clean" after all. This friend reads my blog too,he said if i said that i was kind of "what you see is what you get" type of person, then i should share my flaw too.

"She was just someone nice that i got to know during my job as a sales person, and she was the one that i had to deal with and indeed she gave me a lot of support in term of business. It all started just like a normal business relationship. I didnt have to see her regularly, may be once or twice a month.

Just dont know why, she was so good to me. On the days that i didnt have to see her, she would just call me 3 times a day on those days, one being the morning call, second the afternoon call , third the afterwork call, nothing special about those calls, there were like"Hey, eugene you had your breadfast already? Hey,eugene you had your lunch already, dont forget to eat ya? or Hey,please drive carefully on the way home,ok? bye."

To be very frank, i was not close to her at this juncture but having someone to call you regularly with those beautiful comments, i was flattered and moved. So one day, as a gesture of my appreciation to a friend who showered me with so much concern, i asked her out for a business lunch to show her my gratitude of which she gladly obliged........

Picked her up from her work place, as i was driving and in the confinement of my car with a lady who had being so nice to you sitting next to you, i was like telling myself, what a great feeling and what a beautiful it was on a friday (cos i just love Fridays). Being friday, i rememered vividly that she was wearing a black tube overalled with a short denim jacket and a jean, she looked stunning and she fit my bill as someone who spoke fluent and polished English............

The journey to the restaurant was not far about 10 minutes drive, but funny feeling was playing with my mind. Sauntered into a restaurant i still remember it was Secret Recipe, and to be honest i was feeling like it was a real secret rendezvour..................

Over the lunch, we only talked about casual stuff, i would just talk about my wife, and my kids. So as on the subject of relationship, out of sudden i asked her if she was attached, she said she just broke up......................

Ok, I dont want to bog you guys with long winded post, so i just leave it here. Sorry Koon, you could only read this far..........

Q) Should i continue sharing ?

Happy friday..........

P/S : So what if you are a man.................


  1. so...what if u are the man...(u are the man in the story...)....continue writing please.....i need to know what a man will do in this kind of situation....coz most of man that i knew...will....(u continue ur story ok)....(^_^)

  2. Hi Eugene, it is my first time here in your blog and you made me smile a lot because of many things and one of them is that I see in you a good family man with a happy and loving wife and kids. You are so blessed. :)

  3. Hello!!! *piak* Eugene. Why you say extramarital affair when it's never happened? I hope it will never happen ya. And pls stop fantasizing when u are in the company of female friends. Just treat them as friends and nothing more or else you are asking for big trouble my friend.

  4. Are you? Are you a man???? Tergantung macam tu.. mana lah kita tau..

  5. Sounds like something interesting :) Please do continue for I want to know how it went

    I can only seem to see that, either she was interested in you.. or she was interested in having a no strings attached relationship. Of course she can also just be bored and is longing for a companion in terms of slipping her free time somewhere since she just breakup and meant nothing.

    So do continue so I would know the truth. haha but if don't continue, maybe I can have an email from you about it hahaha :P

  6. ok..leave the juicy part on monday.. tonite u better make amends with your wife first by taking her to secret recipe!! hahahaa...

    ok, ok....just joking eugene..

  7. Alamak. Potong stim pulak. Can we have Part 2 please....

  8. I'm still learning and would like to learn more from the continuation of your story! XD