Sunday, August 23, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa.....Happy fasting.

Today' marks the first day of Ramahdan or the fasting month, i am here wishing all my Muslim friends and blog readers no matter where you come from a ................................................................. "Happy and Meaningful Fasting or Ramadan"

From the religious point of view, i guess fasting helps us to seek pleasure from God and to seek cleansing of our sins, on the other hand fasting helps us to contain or to restrict our selfishness and our lustful thoughts.

Beyond that, fasting also reveals to or dawns upon us the suffering of others, of those who are starved and dying without food.

Just imagine if we had all the leaders of the world practising the ritual of fasting just like the Muslims, what an impact it can really bring about to the human race and to the world now that all the leaders of the world suddenly realize,,,,,,,,"This is how it is like, when one has to starve. This is how one suffers when you dont have food sent to your mouth",,,,,,,,,,,,,, i really wish this could happen but at the same time it is just another my wishful thinking.

Q) Hey, have you fasted before,if yes for what reasons, mind sharing?

P/S : An Idle Mind is the Devil's Workshop but Fasting Will Make You Stronger...


  1. Im fasting...obviously...coz im muslim..

    How bout u? Have u tried it?

  2. ya i did...for my novena...and too much temptations....not an easy one....*sigh*

  3. Selamat Berpuasa too all!!! Oppsss..~ Hehheheh

  4. Ohh yes...the real scenario of fasting because we had nothing to eat really.

    I do fasting not only with food but also on material "cravings". It is not right to own something and display it while others are starving. That's my opinion though.

    Anyway, nice post here Eugene. About your question, the economy of the US is really really bad. Jobless rocketed way up; politics is so confusing;plus this health care issue which the present administration won't listen to voice of the people...

    we will see what will happen in six months...

    by the way, check this post coz i wanted you to meet a special father like you who loves his family so will get along well:

  5. Eugene.. Amy also comes here.. great.. they love the blogrolls i have at the side.. all my bloggers are interesting..
    to answer yr question ah, frankly, i never fast before in my whole 40years of life.. can i do it? i really dont.. maybe can but very sunfoo... torturing but still can, i think... how about u?

  6. I did when I was studying in one of the school which majority are Muslims, and also when I was working with them too.. as a respect to them, and also to learn what they are going through... I remembered when in school during those 'jail' time, I even go through the prayers with them too..

    I find it OK and I did not lost faith of my religion either.. even I got friends say I siao siao..

  7. Yup.. I fast every year for 40days before Easter Day.. fast not just means by food..mind, attitude all is count..Happy fasting..

  8. fasting for me - i can dont eat but can never don drink. XD

  9. Yes, selamat berpuasa... If ony people practise what they preach, it would definitely be a better world to live in...

  10. can't tahan puasa. gets hungry easily when I see food..

  11. Eugene,
    I just this article of yours my friend. I know when I'm fasting, I'm more compassionate & more sensitive towards others' sufferings/pain or people in-need of help.

    May God bless you & loved ones Eugene.Take care.

  12. taiko,
    puasa mkn n minum quite easy la.

    puasa lain yg tarak thn. hehe.

    apart from cannot eat and drink. We also have to behave our eyes and mouth.