Thursday, August 06, 2009

A child's prayer.........

This entry is prompted after i read something very interesting about a child's prayer from a magazine, i mean a child's prayer not yours or mine......and it was so so pure and beautiful, i am not duplicating the article here but i will write something along that line.............

I used to teach the children in the children ministry in the church and those were the times when it gave me a lot of satisfaction and joy and i really meant it, it was all joy and nothing less.

In my class, there was assortment of children's background, some from rich family,professional family, poor family, divorced parent family but one thing was so universally common among these beautiful children when it came to the time of prayers..............They were all so selfless.

Their prayers were always for somebody else, about somebody else,"God,please help Jo's father to find a job quick" "God, please heal Andrea's grandma's leg so that she can walk again and come to the church to glorify you again" "God, please help my friend Sam, let their parents be good good again, so that Sam can be a happy boy again"

I know it is hard,indeed very hard.How can we even bless or pray for others when we ourselves are in a mess,in quandary,broke and everything seems down down down, but like they say never try never know, be child like,start praying for others despite what we are going through.

Q : whom are you praying for today?

P/S : Both of your shoulders could be heavily laden, but your mouth isn't.........


  1. All glory goes to God.. whom am i praying for today? many.. my requests are many.. and I asked myself.. I asked so much from God But what did I do for Him in return? practically nothing...

    Asking is easy.. giving back is hard...

  2. Most of the time I will pray for my family members. "Poh pi, poh pi, all peng peng an an".

  3. my youngest sister when she was a little kids, she alyaws and will pray..

    "tq God for the foods and drink...amen"

    everytime she have her breakfast, lunch, dinner and even when having her drinks hehehe...

    so cute hehe

  4. So cute of the children. They have no selfish desire.

  5. agree wit you..why wouldn't we start to pray for others.. :)

    that's nice article..i like. :)