Friday, August 07, 2009

F**k You ....Mike.....

Ok, i ain't God and i ain't a saint either,so i am allowed to use profanity here, if you sense that i am going to use a lot of vulgarity here, you are damn right, leave you may, stay but dont curse me.

I received a call from a old friend of whom i have not met for a long time asking to do lunch,me being the nice one, i said why not for a old friend. So he came and picked me up with his brand new BMW, so happy for a friend who made it in life........

Over the lunch, that's when my friend started trying to coax me into doing some multi-level marketing with him, i meekly declined and that's when he started bombarded with all those fucking comparison between me and him.

Bluntly, he asked me what car i drove, what house i stayed, did i go for any holiday(he didnt put it this way,he said it this way) " i dont think you can afford to bring your whole family to US's Disneyland lo" i was thinking mother fucker you bastard,how could you degrade a good friend this way. Again, me being the cultured one, told him "ya, you are right, you are right" that's when he bagan his never ending salvos at me.

He said, "just look at me, after only 3 t o4 years, see i am driving a BMW now, and another 4 years, i will buy that 1 over million super condo by the sea" again rudely or jokingly he said this " When you think you can afford a 1 over million super condo another 4 years to come?'

Mother fucker, seriously i have never met an old friend as rude as he was, he wasnt like this before, may be too much money that has his head scrwed up, and may be he thinks he can speak to an old friend with his balls in his mouth.

After a short while i cannot tahan liao, i told him that i needed to go and pick my son up from school, and i refused to sit in his brand new fucking BMW, it took me 10 minutes to walk back to my office.

Thank god for BLOGGING, felt so much better now after i rant it here.

Q) Do you have a friend like this friend of mine?

P/S : Fuck you, Mike, this will be the last lunch i had with you

2.23 pm


  1. Damn, don't you just hate the smug look from these ol' time buddies? Then there's those that look for you coming CNY just to borrow cash on the pretext of lunch.

    The world has gone topsy-turvy.

  2. he should not say something like that. to convince people to do mlm isnt that way right??? but u will forgive him right...coz u dont need friend like that...

  3. I bet he badly wants YOU to join in the MLM (for his own advantage of coz), so he went berserk when u let him down...

    i dunno y he thinks putting u down would be a good way to lurk u into his shceme hahaha it MAY work on some1 who doesnt have a "pendirian" tho :)

  4. Now those multi level marketing people like to use this type of tactic to lure people into their net. I heard many of it and I just hate it as much as you do. My friends will not dare to ask me to join MLM as many know I don't like that now. I know MLM can make money but that is not the money for me to make. If everybody go for MLM, who is going to work? All the uplines will have to eat grass already as no cow for them to milk already.

  5. He concerns about u perhaps? hahaa.. i bet u will object to that.. eugene , eugene.. i pun kena before, they said i need more income to bring up my 3 kids.. bla bla but being me, i know what my limits are, i dont like MLM too... i just tell them.. "I am contented with what I have now." period.

  6. Oh your friend is a lousy salesman. I think it is fine for friend to ask us to join MLM, but should not become rude or have to insult people when we refuse to join. Everyone of us have our own choice of life.

  7. Money isn't everything. He may be rich but if he is happy, he won't be using all that vulgar language...and so desperate to get you into the scheme! Such people are best avoided...

  8. cool down, cool down...

    So what he has money? He may be wealthy but is his life rich?

    What human being likes doing what he's doing? People hear the word MLM/ direct selling, run away liao. Not that there's anything wrong with the career choice, but I am stating a fact. If you know that someone wants to talk to you about direct selling, would you go or would you stay? Unless that person is a friend, and you just don't know how to turn down. Am I right or am I wrong?

    So, you really should feel sorry for him. That industry is a dog-eat-dog industry, and few wants to be his friend either (for fear of THAT kind of talk he's given you!)

  9. yes, you've left us no doubt what you think of mike.

    i'm sure most of us know people doing MLM, but probably none as brash & arrogant like him.

    i'm imagining the scenario had you told him in his face the exact words you wrote in this post.

  10. LOL MLM with a bmw sounds really familiar to me!!
    I was a distributor as well during my high school year, and then I quit after I spoiled grades in my 1st Univ. year.

    Anyway, shame on them wif their ways.
    I wonder maybe that's why I didn't really make it in the company.. bwahahaha

    Take it easy E, you're not the one losing good friends :)

  11. why should he said something like that huhu...

    if he is my friend, sure I just tell him...

    "apa aku kesah..." hehehe

  12. Eugene, first of all thanks for dropping your comment in my blog.

    Yeah I've got lots of experiences of people asking me on MLM. Well, at the end I've end up with those product wasted to dustbin. Well Im quite an "easy" person to got trapped with MLM.

    It's really annoying to have people to brag about their stuff and view us as the one who have failure in life.

    However, some of them did motivate us to be someone that need to focus on target and to be confident. I think Mike has gone to negative approach on seeing you as the prospect of his downline.

  13. GOOD JOB MAN!!!!

    I also very angry after read your post! How can he keep saying things and hurt you?!!! That's very bad & unfair!! Make me also wanna @#&*#%% him........ >_<

  14. wah lau this type of friend, si pek chia lat! Kurang 10 pun tak pah...

  15. wat the heck of this fren...ask him go to hell...i also have 1 fren like i dun want to call him for drink or chitchat also...

  16. You know sometimes, i really wish i could tell it straight to his face, but then again,what to do i pressed myself only lah,, i guess being a chinese educated guy, we were thought to be polite and cultured.

    kong yi hei lah.........

  17. great that you didn't ride on his F***** cheapalak BMW =) ... must have a bottom line with yourself ... but indeed he was too over =s ... for me ... i think i'll just leave instant =s ... don't need to waste our time on this kind of people XD... anyway chill =)

  18. OH GOSH !!! That is so beyond words. Hai...think of it that he is desperate to call you to join his empire coz if he dont he will have no money soon! So, he use all means and words...

    Be the better man.

  19. which MIke huh? cos I know a Mike who drives BMW too..........

  20. Bro, did he ask you about your happy family?

    Bet that's something his MONEY and Disneyland trips can't buy.

    If that's what his industry can do to him, I wonder if you can call that an 'achievement'. Sounds like someone needs to teach him good manners again!

    Eugene, next time he ask you out, bring a 'rotan' along. Make sure he behaves.

  21. we should accept the fact that some people blinded by money, and that is why they used to think they have what the world got. it means, thinking that they own this wor5ld. but so sad they never learned how to live a great life, boastfulness were coping up their life. so fuck them up!!

  22. Sounds like a desperate call to get you into the business. That's not a true friend. True friends don't put people down.

  23. blah to him.. the world is full of shitty people. be contented with what you have and don't let him rock your boat !

  24. This kind of ppl really is energy vampire! Need to suck ur energy/ pijak u to feel great about themselves..
    trully asshole!
    I met one myself also and everytime deal with him also would get extremely pissed off!
    the vomit blood part is he claims he is just being FUNNY!!!