Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sex and marriage.............

A mischievous friend of mine threw me a challenge and as according to him since my blog's title suggests or indicates that i write boldly about anything and everything in the confinement of my own opinions, he suggested that i spill the beans about sex and marriage solely about mine.

I have always held on to the belief that sex is not a taboo, sex is the union of two souls that is built solidly on trust, a passage of surrendering of oneself to the other, the route of intertwining of two bodies that culminates in the final enjoyment for one to know that you are being loved and you can give love that makes sex so pure and divine.

So back to my friend's challenge, i said yes but i told him only 3 questions because i wanted to make it brief and candid.

Question 1) my frequency of sex. I told him i did not have it in numbers but i said this to him that i could sleep very very very well 4 to 5 times a week, (sometimes this could be due to my running which i do twice a week)

Question 2)am i adventurous on bed. I told him i have only my body to carry out the stunt, besides that i dont use support, so if my body is willing i could be.

Question 3) My sexual fantasy . I told him this had nothing to do with sex and marriage but he insisted that it had, so i obliged.So the answer to the question iwas,sometimes i wish my wife was a sexy Japanese girl.

Caution : If you are offended by this article,just treat it as just another dido,ok?

P/S : Sex can be counted by the minutes, Marriage can only be measured by a life time


  1. No, i m not offended, Eugene.. i treat it as an education forum, a down to earth facts of life of a malaysian guy who speaks out boldly... syabas!

  2. Hi Eugene, me not offend either...I think this is a good article to read on.

  3. @_@
    I am not offended but I donno what comment to put...

  4. Hi~ don't know why just my opinion la~ okay~

    personally i think woman can live with the husband even without having sex! But man cannot they must have sex in their life! LOL~

    Don't know whether you agree with me? This is just what i think on my head la~ LOL

  5. Not offended and it is a very good post. People always said a good sex life will bring the two closer and happier. But I believe no sex can also bring the two closer and happier depend on how you live your life.

  6. hehehe..when u said japanese sexy girl, I just smiling hahahaaa..

  7. Does your wife read your blog?

    I must say, that takes some guts but then again, guys normally have no qualms talking about their sex life. No?

    Tnanks for stopping by, Eugene.

    Say, that's a nice family picture.

  8. 4-5 times a week. I think we should all take up running. lol.

  9. Ha ha ha, no problem lah, we all grown ups leh, maybe some of us going to be grandad or grandma very soon, Japanese girl...LOL!

  10. Nice post and very diplomatically shared.
    I think that your honesty shows what type of person you are and I am sure that your wife is quite secure in her relationship with you. She may even wish for this fantasy girl to come over and give her some rest...or join ;)

    4-5 times a week and you run...
    How far do you run?...I am a runner so I am very curious!

  11. i know hwo happy you are in your marriage life. cool, stay happy. sex can be counted by minutes, but true compassion never..

  12. i sleep very well 4 to 5 times a week,in these 4 to 5 nights, two nights are because i will be too tired from the run..

    i run about 10 km and the other session will be 15 to 17 or 18

    i hope you guys dont think i am superman,,,,hahahahah

  13. sex will cause man to have a better sleep??

  14. Sex vs marriage vs TRUE LOVE...

    TRUE LOVE is rare no doubt about it but the few people who have experience it can tell you it is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you. When you find someone that loves you truly instead of you testing him out every other day to see whether the person loves you or not, go right ahead and enjoy it while it lasts.