Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yours sincerely and truthfully........

I remember when i first started blogging, most of my friends were curious and even untill today they are still as curious, they asked and they still do ask, how we bloggers can blog so much, can have so many things to rant about, and i used to and still i will tell them this. I love writing and my daily encounter with life itself is sufficient to give me topics to write about.

Today's post is about me saying just one thing about me being a blogger a sincere and truthful one, i received email recently implying that if it was all the truth or bona fide about the stories that i blogged about, or could it all be made up ones,hence i just wanted to share a little why i love blogging, even it was only one email questioning my sincerity.

I believe in truthfullness and that's why on my first third day of my blogging journey, i had pasted my picture and that of my family, (the first two days, i did not how to paste photos, so i only did it on the third day) i wanted people to know who i am and i dont believe in anonymity, i am kind of "you get what you see" type of person.

The subjects that i write about are true life's accounts, some of my own, some of my friends', some are those i see, i bump into and most of all,all of them are real. At one point,one of my sisters was so mad about me because i wrote about her divorce, which even resulted her in severing tie with me.(we have since patched up). I talked about my mild alcohol addiction and how my eldest son Jovial despises my drinking buddies so much

I even wrote about my spending a night away from home due to a "cold war" with my wife, i jotted down my arguments with my sons, i talked about my business when it hit the nosedive, and the misunderstanding i had with my business partners, and again,all i had written can be accounted for.

At one junture i even shared my years of suffering from depression, i shared my joy, my thoughts, my frustrations. I dont believe in making up stories, if i did,i believe my readers or the visitors will know about it and nobody wants to read things from untruthful bloggers.

Just like week, i received one email from a girl i dont even know, telling me that she was thankful to me about some insipiration she got from reading some posts of mine.(Glory be to HIM) i believe everyone of us has the ability in making someone feels happy no matter how small it can be, but it all must start with truthfullness.

On the whole i just love blogging, it has given me so much joy in unlocking myself in the form of putting my thoughts,my feeling and my mood in words. And i am really thankful that you keep lending your ears to me. Kudos to you.

P/S : If you can go on living, then you can go on blogging...........sincerely and truthfully.


  1. keep it going & let's inspire each other *thumbs*

  2. Hi, nice to meet you. thank for dropping by to my blog.

    You have a warm and happiness blog.

    Have a nice day ^_^

  3. well said, well done, boy.. i never miss reading your blog eversince i have come across yours..
    carry on blogging.. u r doing great!

  4. Yeah, the main point of blogging is to sharing positive & useful info...and to inspire the world!
    At the same time, we are inspired by the others!

  5. you write whatever you want to write, as long as you are comfortable with it. It's great reading truthful accounts, because we learn from it, get encouraged by it. If a person choose to be sceptical, and not believe the entire truth, that's their perogative too. You have no one to answer to but yourself. You have to find your own fulfilment where blogging is concerned. :)

  6. Hi, nice getting a link to a blog. I love it this way - sincerely and truthfully! And I read your blog with a sincere and truthful heart too! And yes, I find JoMel here too - a woman who can as true as she can be!

  7. I have to admit I thought your previous story was ( at least partly) fictitious. This time I should start by saying how much I appreciate your choice to stick to real and honest stories about your life. It's probably the most difficult way of blogging - for instance one runs the risk of unintentionally causing damage to or indignation of friends and relatives.

    (On the other hand I love fictitious stories also; some author seem to have said: "good fiction is lying the truth".)

  8. go on Eugene.. *thumbs up*...

  9. So many things to blog about...but I'm sticking to my routine of just having a post a day. If too many, people will also get bored...but I seem to notice that there are people who post a few shorts posts every day - maybe to get more comments as the total for all the posts can be quite substantial. Dunno lah...just what I feel!

    Btw, 3 days and you were able to post photos already. I took a couple of months...and a lot of pressure from left, right and centre! LOL!!!

  10. Hey, you see how the chain reactions of bloggers. Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging. Blogging has became my addiction.

  11. agree wif you.. keep on blogging.. ive learnt many things in blog wif blog and thru blog.. :) and i really like to blogging and blog hooping..

  12. and I shall share with you my writing motto too. http://jomelism.blogspot.com/2009/07/i-write-by-these.html

  13. Appreciate this post. I myself do not like bloggers who over exaggerate or who lie....

    Hope I will never meet one like that.

    Your honesty is refreshing.

    Looking forward to your participation in MyLot.

  14. Well, blogging is a passion. With passion, you could do wonders with it.

    The more passionate you are, the more you're motivated to write. To some, it's a waste of time. To a few others, they need to be englightened, then only they'll see the light, while to the rest of them, blogging is their way of expressing thoughts.

    Keep blogging

  15. I have so many things in my mind, but i'm not good in writing, else, you'll see new entry in my blog every minutes, every day :)

  16. do continue to blog..thanks for the honesty too.
    I stumbled upon your blog from Jomel's..i love reading but unfortunately no flair for writing..God Bless - Michelle Chow

  17. Thank you and thank you somemore guys for giving me all these wonderful comments...

    sure i will continue to write,who knows one day i will be a celebrity blogger,,,haahahah