Thursday, July 16, 2009

My PMS.....

Lately, i love this song so much from Neyo (Mad)with one line in the song that i really like,"i dont want to go to bed, mad at you and i really dont want you to go to bed, mad at me" and just last night i was in way tossed into such scene,my feeling was synonymous with Neyo's song.

There is no wrong or right, no your fault or my fault or not even your excuses or mine, in a marriage we sometimes are too overshadowed by our daily duties that we tend to forget the existence of our partner, the daily grind sometimes does get us down pyshically, hence we forget to go back to the basis of a relationship, to touch, to talk, to caress, to stroke, to hug, to kiss and to get intimate with our partner.

Last night, it was the same routine, husband and wife came back from work, dinner cooked and eaten, sat through with the children's home work, caught the news in between, by then when everything was done with, it was the call of slumber for the children, the wife tugged them to sleep, and it was only 10 at night.

The husband sneaked into the bedroom, the children were far from sleeping, the husband wanted to spend some times alone with the wife, but the wife was too oblivious to the husband's atlantic calling SOS for love, may be the wifey was too tired, so the husband decided to let the beautiful wife to wander far away from her sleep.

Feeling uptight and didnt know what to do, the husband went out to meet up with a old friend, had a drink or two, and the curtain fell and the story ended.

I guess it was the effect of my PMS syndrom last night (hahahah), feeling a bit lost. So let us remember that let us go back to the basis all the times.

P/S : The magic of a relationship is to stick to the basis


  1. Hi Eugene, visit you here too. Hmm...what a happy family you have had. I love that photo very much. Will going to add u up in my bloglist.

  2. hello... im adding u in my bloglist if thats ok ..
    nice photo of your family :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! Haha Puffcake is my nickname...I might do a post on it later xD.
    You have a beautiful family! And this post has a very good message. I experienced a little of that in my first relationship (1.5 yr) and it wasn't even marriage yet! It is so easy with all the responsibilities people have to lose sight of the little things that used to bring one other close. Maybe one weekend you can get the babysitter and have a well-deserved parents night out? =) Good luck.

  4. Hi Eugene, TQ for visiting my blog. U have a happy family. I like it...

  5. happens to many relationships. There are times when the husbands need tlc but the wives are too busy (etc), some other times it is the other way around. But no one can deny the power of communication. Talk it over, tell and share. Dont expect the other half to know everything.
    I'm sure you have a loving family.

  6. Thanks for your visit yeah. Lovely family u have there.

  7. hmm.. it's true what they say, that Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus. We communicate, think, and act differently. It's always a case of he thought she thought, but in actual case, there's nothing much to think about.

    What's need is OPEN communication. I see no shame or loss of ego in saying to your partner, "I've missed you. Can I have some TLC? Can you spare some time for me?" I used to be embarrased to "voice out" my wants and needs, but then I quickly realised, it's just me and him, and no one else. What is there to be embarrased about?

    It all depends on the couple, some playfully signals, others use words to express. Ultimately, it's about conveying your wants and needs to each other. Not bottling it all up and letting the moment pass (sweeping it under the carpet). The frustration will build up and it's no good for the relationship.

    Just my two-cents worth of sharing. :)

  8. Hey Eugene, maybe one day you could put the kids at your parents, and do a romantic night out with the other half. I'm sure she'll gladly appreciate it :)

  9. thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the comment. Nice photo of your family God bless

  10. your post expresses reality. :-)
    i like coming back here because i learn and realize!

    keep posting friend.
    oh by the way, thanks for liking my kid's picture :-)

  11. Men's PMS is an excuse to go out yumcha? LOL...

    *sigh* your wife is actually lucky that you're not actually in the mood for romance and passion at an ungodly hour... say, 3, 4, 5am in the morn. That would be an ultimate killer! LOL...some wife have to suffer husband's libido at an ungodly hour where the wife would kill for a wink rather than making out. Since you brought this up, I might as well find time to write about this too.

  12. cold shower?

    From a woman's perspective, it could be really that we are tired...or that we are not in the mood...

    If you want some action, maybe have to build up the atmosphere first...

    It could be harder for us to swith between being a mum and being a wife...

    (my two cents worth)

  13. what is pms and tlc? oh gosh.. should i be embarassed to ask that? anyway eugene's blog is getting more and more interesting by the day.. :)

  14. Eugene, I really a bit scared scared now...
    In fact, I think I am not ready to start a new chapter of my life... Big day is around the corner...
    But, I think I can learn a lot by reading ur post...

  15. haha.. me too like the part of the lyrics.. :) jadi teladan tu :) hihi