Friday, July 17, 2009

He hated my comment

You see, men love to gossip as much as women,sometimes even more,there is no denying it, we really think we know it all, we really regard ourselves more learned than our female counterparts, that's why sometimes we are not willing to lend our ears for a little longer to hear our spouse out, anyway i am not talking about this today, but gossip in another kind.

Believe it or not, i do spend a good part of my breadfast time talking nonsense and whatever not,usually with a few friends. What happened that morning sparked certain kind of debate among few of my breadfast buddies.

Looking across the table, there was this sloppy and unkempt looking woman in her mid 30s(i guess), kind of out of shape body of which will not entice you to look at her twice,sitting down having breadfast with her child,one friend began to talk softly to the rest of us with this statement, " Ai yoh, i cannot imagine myself making love with this lady, she cant even turn me on" i tend to agree, but i did not want to spur my friend further in such a topic, then softly again, i told him forget about the issue, she might overhear it and that would not be nice.

After the lady has left, i took a swipe at my friend who made that unfriendly statement and jokingly i told him to look at himself too, look at his dressing, look at his bulging tummy and looking at his unkempt hair and said this to him that made him mad at me "if i were a woman, i would not want to sleep with you too" with his facial expression getting a little unkind and voice raised and he shot back at me," I where got same, i slog so hard,providing my family, i where got time to look after myself "

Defending myself, i retaliated," just how do you think that lady that you commented got time to make herself look good, she might be slogging harder than you do, day in and day out 24/7, and who knows when she asks for a little extra from her husband to go for facial and spa treatment, the husband might just tell her, no needlah, you stay at home one, nobody will look at you one."

Sensing that my friend was not at all pleased with my comment, i shrugged and telling the guys, let change topic, lets talk about politic and economy instead.

I sincerely believe no one married woman wants to look bad, she too wants to cut a Jessica Alba body, Farrah Fawcett hair and be pampared with luxuries such as LV, Hermes, Coach, Prada and whatever lah, but sometimes situation really does not permit her to do so, and she gives in and trade her "rights" for the sake of the family.

P/S : She too can be sexy, if you let her be.


  1. I think it is not easy being a housewife nowadays. If don't have maid sure very hard to cope. Go to market, carry heavy foodstuff, fetch children to school and tuition, cook food, clean the house and some more provide 'extra service' at night...ha ha ha!
    I like to mix and chat with people that are not so sensitive because a coffee shop chat sometime can turn into war lorrr! My good fren and I would meet sometimes to have coffee and chat nonsense stuff then laugh it off after that.....better this way! Thks for dropping by my site, Bro! Cheers!

  2. Bravo Eugene! There're always 2 sides to a situation, regardless of gender.

  3. i think i look like the lady u mention la.. nowadays really no time to keep my hair tidy and a body like farrah ... i must manage my time la..otherwise, i might be hearing remarks like "i wonder how many grandchildren this lady has".. then cham for me..

  4. thank you for defending that lady.

  5. so a lady, we must jaga badan elok2 huh even how ugly we are!

  6. ..some people do look good no matter how selekeh.. or should i say.. sempoi? they look like

    different people, different taste what
    that lady might turn on someone else hehe

  7. Hello Eugene, really nice of you to pop into my pondok, thank you.
    I notice you a horse person, me too...but an Aquarius.
    Ha ha, men like to gossip? Not me...I avoid that, of course I do chat about women, but more to praise, and to me, every woman has her own she poor or rich, young or old, in pasar malam clothes or Designer...

    What would we men do without women? Right? Ha ha.
    All the money in the World is of no use, ha ha.
    You have a beautiful family Eugene, love your kids, they great kids.
    You have a nice day and keep well, best regards, Lee.

  8. i see it as a reminder to keep myself "tidy and neat" as i can be..:)..becoz of all the bc time ..nearly forget to take a look on myself... after reading ur post.. may be it's time to have a hair cut, buy some new clothes..

  9. guess it's just some words out from the mouth without thinking... guess, most of the poeple does that! Anyway. not good to gossip about others, you're right bro. Been a while since I visited your blog :)

  10. people used to like that.. i guess..

    p/s: Wish your dream come true. and thanks for visiting my blog (^.^)

  11. I agree. Sometimes they have no choice as not all the husband is rich and welling to spend so much in her wife...Not easy for them. Guys need to treat their wife nice. Don't even get the second one.

  12. yay! ur the man!! =D
    salute u for defending the lady!

    cos i'm a lady myself, haha... and who knows whether i look like her one day... =P

  13., how does this man's wife look like?

    Reckon if hubby praises us on our looks, we will make it a better point to keep the praises coming....:)