Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tonight's the night.........

"Tonight's the night i am going to make it happen, tonight i am going to put all the things aside, i am gonna love you, build my world around you..........i'm so excited, i know i cant hide it, i am about to lose control and i think i like it"

The weekend's here and i want to bring my wife out(minus the chidren) for some private time, a simple dinner and a drink or two. You guys got any ideas on how to make this evening more exciting, (i have about 4 hours private time with her) i just cant check into the hotel and have a wild of time for 4 hours, right?

Do share me with me if you had some crazy ideas for a couple's night out or even your own escpades exeprience, all right?

P/S : Love is in the air,everywhere i look around, love is in the air, every sight and every sound


  1. aiyo Uncle..So lovely!


    just dinner? maybe walk around together, stargazing..=)

  2. *melts*
    so sweet.
    having a dinner, a walk holding hands, re-live courting days, a few hours stay at the hotel, is what i would consider a good time spent.
    hehe, i am obviously short of ideas. :P

    and do you know the word verification i have!!
    can you imagine? so appropriate!! haha.

  3. so romantic.. ^^
    candle light dinner, window shopping, stroll by the seaside..or a movie, if both of u like? ;)

  4. So lovely... your wife is so lucky. :)

    How about go back to the place where u 2 pak toh last time?

  5. very nice...

    for me, what's important is being together and sharing quality time together. Doesn't matter where we go, what we eat.. What's important is doing something that we BOTH enjoy doing together. So it's easy and natural. It's usually dinner, durians by the road, or dessert, browsing through the dvd store, and watching a Sat nite movie when the kids' gone to bed. Simple but satisfying. :)

  6. well done you. it's good to keep the romance alive, especially after children have arrived to form the family.. because it's not all about the children, sometimes. give yourselves time, give yourselves space and that's where a happy family comes from. (says me, who has no experience with children, haha)

  7. Enjoy your night!

    Just added you to my blog-list.

  8. I spend 100 plus per person in goblo rest in traders hotel kl, inclusive of wahgyu n choco dessert. Overlooking the lights, it was a good meal n relaxing. Or go for spa for two. Greetings from czech.

  9. a nice dinner + holding hands walk around would be good..

  10. Lie on the beach and counting stars?? lol...

  11. Just kidding okay..! For me I will ask my hubby to have my favourite ice-cream or dessert then I will be more than happy..yah! very happy!!hehee

  12. U r such a romatic hubby to your beautiful wife. Well done!

    Hope everything has run smoothly....

  13. wah... hahaha!! so exciting!

    so so, how WAS it??