Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have to say this..............

Just last week, the whole nation was shaken by the tragic death of one budding politician Teoh Beng Huat, his death has caused a lot of us to be angry, and we were all aghast by the nature of his death, a plunge from 14th from one government agency, and suicide is almost certain not the cause to his death.

I dont want to talk about politic (because i know it sucks) but i just have to say this as a simple Malaysian. A Malaysian who is so mad at why so many questions that affect us have not been answered, a Malaysian who is so furious to read about how a politician could amass a fortune that could enable him to litterally build a castle that is so swank and a Malaysian who is so depressed that this politician can still be so snobbish.

I have to say this, the death of Beng Huat has caused me to feel so uneasy about who is there to protect just another innocent Malaysian like you and me, it has made me wonder could Beng Huat's death end up in vain, put in oblivion and be forlorn after so much ado about it. Could Beng Huat's death be the last? I really dont know but i am certain that after this, there will be more for me to feel so sad about because the system is status quo.

I have to say this, please do not let me feel so helpless in seeing and knowing the truth and i have to say this please do let me have some avenues to vent my frustration .

I have to say this and those politicians, please do not make stupid remarks again, like we are not responsible, no comment so far and all other idiotic remarks that can only picture them as someone whose brains are smaller than their balls.

I have to say this lastly, please dont make me angry, you dont like me when i am angry. A nation can fall, an empire can collapse not from the act of god but when hands are joined, hearts united and we can surely make that change.

P/S : Our child should not die in vain.........


  1. ditto to what u said.. our country seems to be turning to be a "sorryful" nation.. it was not like this as far as i can remember when i was young.. though it is developing, it is doing more harm than its good.. i prefer the old Malaysia anytime... now it is a really sad country..

  2. Hope the truth will be review soon...sad to hear this type of thing happen in Malaysia.

  3. this are the ones that cause most of our capable youngsters move out of the country.. when I used to work as migration consultant, I have all this "complains" all the time if you asked someone their objectives of migrating.. :(

  4. it's sad..but..i'm speechless..:(

  5. Change is required. Less our kids suffer injustice.

  6. May justice prevails!! Sorry for his fiancee and the baby...