Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B,E.A.U.T.Y.. Body Beautiful

You know there is really such a thing called "sex addiction." i didnt know so much about it or how true it can be, untill a friend of mine who is in his mid 50s sharing with me that he spends a"X" amount of money(dont worry he can afford it)to have the extra sexual services monthly,the money spent is not entirely for sexual intercourse with the "sex provider"part of it,is for massage services plus a little extra here and there.(if you know what i mean)

Everytime when i ask him why he has to do what he has to do, his answer will always be, "wait untill you come to my age, or wait untill your wife has turned cool towards your sexual advances),OK, i shall put a stop to my friend's secret rendevous, but somehow or rather he did get me thinking about the correlation between sex and a lasting marriage.

Can sexual deprivation from either party widens the chasm between husband and wife, if there is a sexual deprivation why cant the couple address the issue openly, why must we regard sex as a duty rather than an act of showing love.

A church counsellor friend(team of husband and wife) once told me, throughout their counselling career, the most common hindrance to a marriage is about sex and the lack of communication about it. sweeping it under the carpet untill one party finds the avenue that satisfies one's needs from someone apart from the spouse, hence it brings forth the break down of the marriage. They told me, it was harder for Christian couples to address this sex issue, a religious taboo, may be ?

"I want to make myself look sexy" once i told my friend, she asked"why?" and jokingly i replied " i dont want my wife to mate with a log", i want to make sure i am healthy pysically and sexually, to pump more iron, to have a chest that my wife will drool over, learn to be more funny,and i believe that's what i must do to keep the "IT" going.

Yes, as my previous post, my six-pack is getting more apparent now,,,kudos to me.

P/S : If i want her to be, it has to start with me


  1. You're right: marriage is top-sport. In the kitchen, in the sitting room and in the bedroom. And especially on holidays.

  2. i hope u stay that way till end. temptation is indeed difficult to resist. after all, we are only humans. hmmm...kudos to u then. for the love that u have with ur wife. hope it will last forever...

  3. I like your post...but about sex in family ..just be your self and prove to your wife that you are a real man.

  4. I love going for a full body massage (and that's all!) with a male masseur - stronger, nicer and no long finger nails!!! Relaxing...and therapeutic!

  5. Baring all physically helps in the baring all of the soul too...perhaps it is not sex that keeps the marriage going but the act of baring it all...the vulnerability that comes with it.