Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When saying "sorry" is all that it takes.

Suddenly i felt so tired, suddenly i felt so helpless and suddenly i thought why should this happen........but i am still thankful that i have the wisdom to solve these problems.

Received a call from a customer (a big one) telling me that she could not support me anymore, and another call from another customer telling me that she had to cancel the order, a double blow straight to my face, but i am still thankful that i kept my cool, retreated a bit to look for solution.

I made sure that i made no excuses to defend myself, i only wanted to make amend that i was sorry for putting them (my customers)in some kind of trouble. I told them that i would look into the whole issue and come out with the most acceptable solution for them and not for me.

I began to put myself in their shoes, i began to feel for them. i began to experience the trouble that they had to go through when my products gave them the trouble. I asked myself, what kind of solutions i would accept from my supplier, if i were to be in their shoes that can make me feel good and keep supporting him.

After much thought, i made a call to my customer, i begin to say "i am sorry" and i can identify with the malaise, and i told them that i would personally attend to them with some concrete solutions. They sensed my sincerity and they were willing to help me to look for a way out, for that i am thankful again.

P/S : Excuses wount take you far but sincerity will


  1. i think that's an excellent way to go about the business to retain your clients. they will come back when they sense your commitment. unless they are 'bad' customers, then it's much better to lose them and spend the time to get a new one, because old ones sometimes bargain too hard and doing their business is like making a loss half the time.
    nowadays i turn away business when i think they're going to be very troublesome clients. better not to do. :P

  2. Sorry seems to be the hardest word...

  3. commendable attitude. u will gain their trusts. Well done. we dont find that many businessmen like u. keep it up.

  4. The sorry verities!Yet in excess, continual,there is cure of sorrow.


  5. i wanted to say what stp said.. he beat me to it.. but i also want to tell u Eugene..u r practising one of the fruits that humans might find it difficult to.. ie. humility.. Jesus is humble.. so we need to follow too.. a sorry might be simple but it is the hardest word to say at times... but u have done it!

  6. Hope things will turn out fine for you soon.

  7. That's the way it should be done, but I'm just not good with customer relationship thingy.

  8. Good move. Sure must have taken some strength and tons of control.

    hope things work out better soon.

  9. I believe that sorry is one of the hardest word to say because when you say it, you must mean it. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the comment Godspeed