Monday, July 27, 2009

I am a monster...seriously...

You know something struck me the other day when my youngest son Marvell asked me a "sudden death" question, a question that so simple yet i have problem of telling him, after a few days, i finally come to this conclusion.

When i described the question as "sudden death" it was because that question out of no where strangled me. My son asked me " papa, what big big big bad habit do you have?" i told him i had many,but he insisted me telling him just one Big Big Big Bad Habit.

So now i know, after some so called soul searching, i know one thing for sure, this is the Big Big Big Bad Habit i have.........I am the Monster when i am behind the steering wheel. I curse, i swear, i puke nasty words and i something exhibit bad hand sign at those motorists or drivers that flout the traffic rules, i just cant stand them.

My wife has been and still is advising me to ignore those irresponsible morons, but seriously i really have trouble of controlling myself when those lunatics cross my path, my wife is concerned that one day i might be courting trouble with others,and landing myself in trouble or even injuries.

I have thought about "minding my own business" while i am driving on the road, somehow or rather it just wrecks up my nerves when i see for instance someone entering a "no entry" lane, i would just flash my head light non stop, untill he is gone out of my sight.

Now, recollecting my youngest son question, i guess i really need to just mind my own business when i hit the road,simply because people now are more cold-blooded, and easily losing their cool. I just dont want to be another victim of road bully. I dont want to be part of the news that one uncle dies, simply because he wanted to "Educate" a rule breaking motorist.

P/S : I aint no vigilante, learning to keep my cool at bay..


  1. yeah, yahhh... your wife is very right, nowadays is not like those days... anything unexpected can happen..people are getting more and more daring as seen in the papers... so lets practise our cool and persevere..persevere..

  2. haha.. lets Hi5.. I am also not a very good Mind our own business driver.. sometimes I wonder how to educate our drivers ah?

  3. Hahhaha.. everybody have a 'little secret' especially towards their habit.. me too..

  4. Hey thank you so much for sharing comments on my page! i am so happy! thank you

  5. is that you really bad bad habit , are u sure hehe.

    normal lah tu bos..semua org marah..klu drive mcm hantu..

    if u drive alone then its ok

    but klu dgn family better keep it down

  6. agree with ur wife loh...