Monday, July 27, 2009

Lost and found,,,after so many years

You know there are really things that you cant buy with money, for instance old friendship of 36 years, i cant even use a single dime to entice any of my old classmates of 36 years to come to the reunion do that we organised last night, they just came.
Back then we guys outnumbered the girls, but last night the girls were the queens

We guys were not that good in school back then but i am glad that many of us are doing all right, some are well done

My two old friends that i always joke about, the lady was always no 1 in the class, and the man was always the last in the class, that was long time ago.

I was so happy that i could be sitting down with long lost friends, catching up the good old days

We knew one another in 1974 when we were 7 years old and now 2009 we are 43 years old. They were my classmates in the primarily school, we had about 52 of us in our class, so far we have managed to locate about 40 or more of us.

I was singalling with my hands showing the sign of 4 and 3 indicating that we are 43 years old now

I have always been passionate about rekindling old friendship,so when an opportuniy arises about meeting up with old friend, i would be more than happy to oblige.

I was so very happy last night, simply because i attended a reunion gathering with some of my old classmates, so happy because there were three old classmates that i have not seen,since we parted ways in 1980, one came back from New York, another two still living among us in Penang but somehow or rather we could only meet up for the first time last night.

She has been living among us in Penang for so many years, only met up with her for the first time last night, what a pleasant feeling that was, (thank you for making it there, Siew Lee)
Last night's gathering do really gave me a lot of dejavu and sweet memories, we were so proud that we were all came from a Chinese school, that ever emphasizes treasuring old friendship. Last night, no one came with"AIR", we were all so happy irrespective how rich, how professional, how poor, how good looking, how smart our children are, we were just there catching up the old days, that's all.

P/S : I love you guys, i am sure we can catch up again.


  1. great to meet up after so many years.. many of my schoolmates are also planning to meet up..they r arranging for a reunion in links up to another... eh..eugene, among them all, u r the outstanding one la.. rugged and cool!!

  2. That's really not easy ;) Wish I can reunite with my friends too when I am 43 ;)

  3. That is lovely!! I tell you, I think I will cry if I were to meet my ex-schoolmates from Singapore. We have mostly lost touch now, because I've been on the move, first to Scotland and now KL. Recently I found 5 of them in Facebook and I got sooooo emotional. So I cannot imagine how it must be if I were to see them face to face! I will surely cry!

  4. omg i dono how long i haven step into here :)
    but still your writings are as wonderful as last time

  5. Thats a very good moment!! catch up with a long lost friends.. so much things to talk with so little time..

  6. aww`.. you guys are sweet.

    36years. that's truly long. must appreciate, indeed.

  7. Sounds like a great union, must be good to catch up with old friends. You definitely look the most coolest among them, hehe.

  8. Wow nice gathering! Since so long never meet, must be talking a lot to catch up with each other and bringing back lots of sweet memories too. :)

  9. 1974 only 7 years old... Aiyor, you all are SO young! I was already 22 then... LOL!!!

  10. It is surely a pleasant surprise for you. Meeting long lost friend after few years. Wish I could be in the same situation in the future.