Friday, July 31, 2009

Business As Usual..............

As i shared in my previous post dated 28/7/09, how i nearly lost a customer but today i am happy because i managed to clinch it back.

Just came back from visiting that particular customer with my technician, first thing i did was to wear a big smile or my face, second thing i did was to apologize again, third thing i did was to tell her i appreciate her support and appreciate if i could continue the business and i am thankful to her for just that.

It was no mojo or any magic spell i cast upon her, it was only i was wrong, rectified it and got on with the business.

Lastly, thank God for the mercy.

Note : If you have prayed for me, thank you. If you have not, i will need it next time

P/S : Sometimes it's good to make ourselves smaller


  1. hmm...the powerful of smile, apologize and sincerity. Let me give you these special smile too ... :) :) :)

  2. Hey Eugene,

    yup...thats true.

    It makes u the bigger man :) hehehe

    (u & ur lovely wifey hv some resemblance, maybe thats y they call it 'jodoh' hehe)

    take care!

  3. I love this quote ----> "Sometimes it's good to make ourselves smaller"

    If possible i wanna make myself invisible! HeHeHe.. Anyway, congrats at least everything is okay right. God Bless You~

  4. yea ... agree with your quote =)

  5. Reading your posts, being humble pays off, yes? This is a good example we should follow.. saying sorry plus one sweet smile.. :)

  6. Congrats to you..humbleness is a secret weapon to winning..

  7. congrats. I'm sure you'll be a successful businessman with your humble ways. Dont give up.

  8. glad to hear that ;) congrats!

    and, totally agree with your last sentence!

  9. hey,
    thanks for your comment.:)

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  11. Ya, this is what we have to do in the service business. Well done Bro! Cheers!

  12. Glad to know that you get the customer back. Agree with you that sometimes we need to be small.