Saturday, August 01, 2009

I keep forgetting..................

That is one thing that i keep forgetting and one thing that i must do,before it slips by my mind again. Today being Friday, my happiest day of the week, i must do this just one thing TONIGHT.

When i take my wife out tonight for some merry making, when i sit her in my car and when i start driving, and must make sure that my right hand will do the steering and my left hand will do the holding, holding of my lovely wife's hand. That's the promise i made to her but i just keep forgetting

Many years ago, when i changed my car from manual transimission (MT) to auto transimission(AT), one of the reasons for the change was that i told my wife if i had the AT car,it would enable me to hold her hand while i am driving, that's the promise i made to her but i just keep forgetting.

So tonight,i shall forget no more, tonight my left hand will have a very important mission to accomplish, tonight my left hand will do the talking, and tonight she will be happy.....

Question : What is the one thing that you'd long for your wife/husband to do for you?

P/S : When the body speaks. the love flows.........


  1. We did that too during our dating days, now our hands are busy holding our naughty lil Eugene.

  2. some of us will remind u tonight.. so do u want me to sms ? :)

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  4. hehe..dunt ever forget lah..are u celebrating something tonight? seem like theres one..bab suddenly you post about this 'holding hand' story...if you your day ^_^

  5. LOL so sweet :)) My hubby still does that till today, but not as often as before but it beats having nothing at all. Taking me out for a suprise dinner tonight, can't wait. Enjoy your night out with the missus Eugene ;)

  6. so dont forget ya hihi

    im still dating and everytime I hold my loves one hand make me happy, and hoping that we keep holding hands after marriage hehehehee..

    wish u wonderful week with your lovely wife...=)

  7. That's so sweet ...holding tu holding but kenalah berwas-was di atas jalan raya yah!

  8. sweet, i hope my guy keep thinking as u did...

    good luck for tonight!~

  9. if only every man is like u, would remember promise made years back!

    don 4get again!



  10. One hand on the steering, one hand tryin to hold the hand's wife while fumbling with the phone due to claire's smses to remind him to hold the wife's hand! hahahhahahahha.. sooo farnneeeeyyyy!

  11. Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stills the water... Are you old enough to know this song? Lynn Anderson... Happy hand-holding! LOL!!!

  12. Woo.. hold hand! i like hold hand especially my dear dear's hand. Because his hand is too smooth. Love it! Oh ya~ i hope that my dear dear will always kiss me in the morning and night before he go to sleep. But end up, he always forgot! Haiz.. ^_^"

    I pretty sure your wife will be very happy if he read your post here. So sweet~ even you forgot again but i think she will still feel your love to her! So don't worry~ =)

  13. so sweet. as for me, i do hold his hands most of the time. still have that urge to do that, for support, for love, reassurance and encouragement. My hubby does more than that most of the time. He likes to touch my hair and face and i will be busy telling him to pay attention to the road ahead. I should be more appreciative of him from now on.

  14. Ahhhh...many years ago eh! Your wife is very patient if she has not reminded you herself or took the liberty of grabbing your hand to guide you:)

    Better late than never in some things:)

    As for your comment on my blog..I honestly do not know how I have gained so many loyal blogger friends.
    I do make sure that I leave comments wherever I can. Although, I am not one to leave empty comments either...I have to have a thought in order to leave a thought:)

    In the laws of get what you maybe you need to work on getting out there and leaving more comments.

    Your master eh!...Now that is a new one ;)