Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You scare or not ?

Lately we have been inundated with all the fuss about H1N1 that hit our shore,contrary to our perception not long ago that H1N1 was only a worry in some faraway lands, but now we even have domestic transmittal cases, and certain schools were ordered to close,and the related news today is more worrying, the first fatal case was reported in the Philipines, that marked the first death resulting from H1Ni in South East Asia.

If you were to ask me, am i scared about this pandemic, off course i do and i dont think WHO rated it phase 6 and naming it pandemic for nothing,and i really dont think it is a pinch of salt to contain the spread of this virus.

Frankly speaking the death per minute from H1Ni is nothing to shout about compared to the quantum of death from heart attack and cancer, but then again why are we so scared about H1Ni than the two killers as mentioned. Could it be that, we have the anticipation that H1Ni, if it is not controlled effectively, the result can be another human catastrophe,which by then the death can be even quicker than the death resulting from heart attack and cancer combined.

On the hindsight, human must always be reminded that we are not at all omnipotent as we thought ourselves to be, we may conquer heaven and earth but sometimes something will just bring us to our feet and shout out " Lord please help us, we are vulnerable"

I sincerely hope our government is doing the best and beyond to fight this virus, and not taking it lightly and to acknowledge that in fact the worst is yet to come.

As a parent, i really need to keep abreast with the latest news about H1Ni for i have my two sons to protect.

P/S : Yes i am scared.............


  1. actually, i dint think so much about the h1n1 yet.. maybe no time to think of the danger but meanwhile, we must be careful of our own hygiene... last time this...

  2. I did think abt this evryday since last sunday.. haha.. that;s why i try not to go to public place too often..keke.

  3. my concern is whether it will be another SARS! I think we have not learn from the previous attack earlier on, and still breeze on it.. now see la... I am scared too...

  4. I'm worried sick as the school just across home is closed due to reported case of H1N1. The boy (16 yrs old) just got back fr Toronto.Sigh...

  5. I'm scared. H1N1 can spread easily, cancer cannot ma. That's why very scared, but what to do..:(

  6. I read the news everyday, try to avoid contact with people who came back from any countries that affected by the virus.

  7. Just take good care of our health by exercising and eating a healthy diet. Our body has its own immune system to protect us from flu so we have to boost our body with good food and nutrition. If you're able to cure your flu without seeing a doctor and without taking any medication, then you have a strong immunity.

    Also take note that viruses - like humans - evolve over time. They mutate. Bird flu has infected humans. Who knows one day dog flu (known as Canine Flu) might infect us too... just be prepared.

  8. I'm concern for the children. Yes, i am scared of getting infected, and I am scared for the children to get infected even more!

  9. Personally, I'm not scared as I'm near 60...old enough to go liao! But I'm scared for my daughter who's in Sg Petani on her own. She's still got her whole life ahead of her. But like you, all I can do is to leave it in the hands of the Lord... I pray all the time that God will bless and protect her...always.

  10. I think prayer is important to get us thru.
    There are so many things that might take away ones' life not just the h1n1.
    I am not scare of it.
    Anyway, there are more life issues that we need to face, some to me are greater than life & death.....because I have God.