Friday, June 26, 2009

We were never close but i remember him........

You know sometimes in our lives, one really doest not have to make a real impact or something so dramatic in others' life to leave the indelible impression to have someone to remember you for or about, and i like to share this with you.

About 20 years ago, when i got employed to work as a cargo sales agent representing an airline with the primarily duty to procure business from cargo agents, i was just a novice and green horn then and facing or communicating with those seasoned uncles and aunties for business was a real challenge for me, people just didnt take me seriously and it was tough.

Along the way, so they say, they would always be some guiding stars and truly i had mine too in the form of these two uncles back then, Robert and Kong. These are the two uncles who really made me feel worthy and respected unlike others. They were good to me and they even guided me in my scope of work and besides they even gave me business support and they really made the difference.

I remember, back then everytime i made my sales calls, i would always dropped in to their office and chit-chatted with them before i faced other unfriendly customers, i would always feel uplifted with my morale boosted, and truly until today i do appreciate them.

So back to the present time and just the other day, i bumped into Mr Kong, chatted with him and i was so curious to ask about Robert's current stay of health because i heard he was unwell and never thought it could be so serious.

Mr Kong told me that Robert was very sick and doctor even told him that he had only two months to live, i was shocked to hear the news. I managed to get Robert's contact, but i could not get hold of him. I was telling myself as a last resort i had to get his address and pay him a visit, may be the last before he succumbs to his illness and to tell him "Thank You" for his kindness towards me 20 years ago.

I have inserted "Visit Robert: as part of my routines tomorrow, to see Robert and to give him a hug and to say "Thank you Robert".

P/S : Little kindness makes a big difference


  1. This really reminds me of a forward email I received recently. Its not the wealth or gifts you gift someone that they remember you for, it's for the little actions that make a different in their life that one will always remember you by. Hope he gets better and yes do visit him.

  2. Yes, a visit from an old fren might cheer him up.. i think when we grow older, we might feel liven up if someone young were to show up and talk about old times...

    tell us about yr rendevouz when u meet up with Robert tomorrow..hope he is not too sickly..

  3. hiya bro. long time no see see... :) been kinda busy with loads of stuff lately. how's life treating you?