Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My greatest moment as a dad......

Yesterday being a celebration of Father's day, and like any other fathers with no grown up children, just some wishes like "Happy Father day" from our little ones will be good enough to bring the cheers to us father, but i got more than what i bargained for..............

I have always enjoyed good relationship with my boys, and my boys know it well that they sure have a wonderful dad, despite some flaws of mine, my boys love me as much as i love them. I will always be willing to say sorry to my sons, whenever they think or i think i have wronged and i've always allowed them the freedom to speak up. That probably has helped me to establish a bond that we treasure.

I was so happy yesterday, when my eldest said he wanted to talk to me about something very private, and when i asked him what was it that he wanted to share with me, he simply said this to me, " because i can trust you,papa" and those few simple words of his have already translated into the greatest gift for me on Father Day. (I cant share with you what he shared with me, promise is a promise,rigth?)

I am so happy because i know this level of trust that i share with my children will last a long time, and with this trust i am hopeful that in their time of despair, confusion, boy and girl problem, they can always run back to this old man of theirs.

I thank god for this wonderful gift from him in the form of my two wonderful sons, and i love to enjoy every moment with them before they outgrow me, and untill that day, i shall have no regret that indeed i have been and always will be a dad who just wants to be a dad.

P/S : I am the greatest dad because my sons said so.


  1. sometimes reading your blog, makes the real life problems everyone faces from time to time unreal u know...

  2. A few good words from them can make us feel cloud 9.. right?
    as parents, we only look forward to bringing them up the best we can .. the rest is Bonus later on..

  3. Well,my sons and i still have our share of cold-wars, fights and arguments.

  4. Happy father's day, Eugene...it's nice to know that you're pretty much a mentor and a friend to both of your sons! i hope I can be that kind of mum too!