Friday, June 05, 2009

These ones for you, you cheating guys..

Received these pictures from an email that was sent to me by a good friend, thought it was kind of cool to share with you guys. Take a moment or two to figure out what they are,ok?

Now time's up and the answer is these are the gadgets that are invented to shackle a man's genital organ or rather a layman's term a penis to refrain the guys from abusing their penis, and to stop them from the unwanted romp.

These are some ingenious inventions by some brilliant dudes,who know too well where it hurts the most when it comes to cheating on your wife or girlfriends. These gadgets even come with stunning colors, i personally like the one in the red, it completes my skin color,hahahahahahah.
Like they say,no matter how impeccable inventions can be, there tend to be some drawbacks. Can you figure out,what these drawbacks are? and mind sharing your thoughts with me.
P/S : To the inventor, i salute you,,,


  1. gambo ni dah dpt lama dah...2 years back kalau tak silap...

    ye ke org laki nak pakai..?? semput nnt

  2. Are those really wearable/usable?
    Doesn't seem confortable for your guys' 'tools' hehe...

    Okay lah Eugene, I order satu,kasi pink colour one! hehehe...

  3. arhhh...dats cruel!! :P

  4. Lol, it looks like a mini staple to me at a first glance, but then a male chastity belt? Will it work?

  5. Hmm... I want one of these babies... lmao... anyway, my hubby say, if wear these, confirm cannot pee!

    oo... well, call me a sadist, but if chastity belts are forced upon women who do not want them, then men should be forced to wear these too! Cruel? Neh, it's just fair, because there's chastity belt. this is only fair. LMAO

  6. you can pee through the hole la. but plastic? if the guy is desperate enough, he would saw it off in no time. next is it will cause a bulge in the pants and attract more women than needed. lol