Saturday, June 06, 2009

A goal finally achieved,, hooray.

My wife and i have this common goal together as far as finance or saving is concerned, we wanted to achieve a definate amount in our saving, and to work towards that financial goal of ours, we have incessantly putting away a certain amount of money for saving every month.

And just the few days ago, as i was doing some budget and some financial stock taking, suddenly it hit upon me without me realizing it that we have after so many years finally achieved our financial goal, and we were overjoyed to learn that the "X" amount that we set out to attain has in the end become a reality.

I was sharing this joy of mine with a very good friend of whom she has always had problem of saving, she wanted me to share with her how did i go about bringing our goal into fruition. As simply as i put it to her , it takes a goal and a lot of discipline. I remember telling her since last year when she had done with calr installment, she should continue to use that amount akin to her car installment and put it into her saving, sadly as she told me and as usual she never knew how did that extra cash drain away from her pocket.

I am proud of myself and the understanding i have from my wife for whom she could trust me wholeheartedly with money issues, despite the fact i had made some financial blunders, but out of this i become a little smarter now.

P/S: I might not be a millionaire but i am rich in my own right


  1. Congratulations!!! Its always nice to achieve gold and goals... :) Have a nice weekend.. :)

  2. Congratulations. I agree with what Cynthia wrote (esp when gold price is so high now :) :D

    My hubby & I still striving to achieve 'Zero Debt' life. On our way to settle Mortgages & Car Finance :(

  3. hooorrraaay...hoooooorraaayyyyyyy!!

    psssttt...*soft voice* now may i borrow some??? :)

  4. y ur friday post so serious one? but it's ok, i understand. u hapi coz u achieved ur goal! hooray!

  5. Congrats brother Eugene.
    I must learn from you:)

    Can you please share your secrets?

  6. Haha. Good for you, and your family. ;)

  7. congrates!!!

    i have the same problem like your friend, i can never save :( i do put a certain amount to my bank account as soon as i get my pay but i end up using it later on, haih. i know i have poor self-control, haih..