Thursday, June 04, 2009

Call me whatever you like, ....

He searched the internet under the caption "Penang's social escorts" he got what he was looking for, the phone number of a certain guy, an appointment was arranged with this particular guy, (as i was told this guy carries a duty to screen through the potential customers for his girls, to make sure the potential customers meet certain kind of standard)

My friend passed the screening, and the arrangement was made for him to have a "paid sex sesssion" with a girl with the initial "W" and he would be charged RM180.00 for a round of sex service in one apartment.

Right after the first session, he called me up for coffee, i obliged. When i saw him then, i could see that his face was beamed with unexplainable excitement then curiously i asked him what was all the excitement all about. Excitedly he told me something like this " I have never had it so good, the girl with intial "W" was wild ,very experimental and very accomodating and i really want you to give it a try" to be frank after hearing the details he was sharing with me, my imagination took a toll on me too, sounded too good for a man, i reckon.

This friend of mine knows me quite well, he knows that i am frugal but sometimes he just likes to test my patience a little. Therefore, he told me that he would arrange a "secret appointment " for me, and he would prove to me that what he told me was nothing but the truth if i were to go for a round of "paid sex" with the girl with intial "W".

I told him that i didnt have the RM180 to enjoy what he wanted me to enjoy, then he started calling me a miser, queen controlled and a lesser man, i just kept mum and at the same time i really didnt want to clash with a friend,thus potraying myself as a saint and he as otherwise.

I can understand his needs of going for "paid sex" but that doesnt mean what everyman his age must do what he deems is correct, i am no saint but i dont want to be the devil at the same time.

P/S : We are friends, i am frugal but not a miser, and let keep it that way , Charles.


  1. wah..u so brave, man..mentioned his name some more.. hahaa.. kudos to u and your strong will power..
    makes everyone here proud of u esp yr wife.. :)

  2. Charles,
    Stay away from my hubby :P
    Do I have to pay the same 'fee' for you to give me tutorial of how you perform it :D

    Just kidding Eugene.You're a good man.

  3. dont worry,my friend Charles reads my blog, we are friend,he will not be mad,i told him beforehand that i blog about everything that concerns me.

    if he takes it hard,then i will not if he stops calling me and i will be apologetic still

  4. Eugene, I knew you too well that you would "do" this such of things.

  5. To me, it's not a paid sex, but a paid 'help'. That man called Charles is in need of serious sexual help, that is why he need to pay to have a great time in bed, whereas, you don't need it and i daresay, the rest of us here do not need it too. And stay that way, Eugene, I am very proud of you!

    @ Charles... goddammit you mother fucker, if you wanna go and pay a prostitute to fiddle with your wee wee, do not drag another man who is married to join you to go wee wee with you. It is understandable that you could not achieve sexual satisfaction without paying for one, but not all men are like you! You need help, but the rest don't!

  6. say tak nak to temptations =)

    btw, *boo* to mr. charles, eww ~

  7. Yeah agreed with Cleffairy. It's ok that your friend Charles share with you. But does not mean that you need it and you have to agree to him. Kudos to u and ur wife is lucky to have u. :)

  8. Wah, so easy to find such ad over internet...