Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What a child wants.....

I had my little nephew slumbered over with my family over the weekend or may be longer because the school holiday is here. This little nephew of mine used to be kind of cheeky, but off late, my wife and i noticed that there was a great change in this boy, becoming more reserved and quiet unlike before.

His parents are now officially divorced, that's good for the parents but not at all for the boy, mom got new boyfriend, dad too. Just last night, when i was fooling around with my little nephew and my eldest Jovial before bed time, i asked him a simple question what made him sad so far, and with his voice choked,he told me it was the parents' divorce.He is as the same age as my eldest Jo, and he was telling me his dislikes, and his some kind of frustration.

I knew deep inside of me, this boy has things that he wanted to say and to be heard but then again he also knew,he is in a way helpless. When i asked him about his school works, which he admitted that he had slacked, with reasons best known to him, all i could do was to encourage him to continue to believe in himself.

You know the saddest thing that can ever happen to a child is when he loses hope and faith in himself, he gives up and laments that no one is there for me.

You see as an uncle, i wish i could do something about it or even sharing my thought with his mother, but i am rather cautious about my intention simply because i just patched up with my sister after some arguments about her divorce and i really dont want our relationship gets once again suffered because i too love this sister of mine very much.

May be sometimes as a parent, we thought that we are doing the best for our children with the best of what we can, but then again, what a child wants is rather simple, he too needs to be heard, to be heard of what he wants, what he dislikes, and to tender to his feelings a little bit more.

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  1. Eugene,
    This is such a sad story & my heart goes out to your lil'nephew.

    I, too come from a broken family.But my siblings & I were really lucky to have had our granny to thank for when she took us all in & nurtured us with love.

    Your nephew needs someone who loves him unconditionally.

    Hugs & kisses for your nephew & children.

  2. Eugene you are a good dad...thanks for following me at Breast and Beauty . And Now Iam becomeing your follower too

  3. that's very unfortunate and I believe as a good dad yourself, you will show this little nephew of yours the bright side of life and to move towards it!

  4. *sigh* I can't comment on this, because this is not my family business. I can only hope that the boy will thrive and be stronger. Care for the boy more, Eugene. I'm sure he will appreciate it.

  5. since u know ur nephew is not that happy, perhaps ur kids n ur nephew can further bond together. u as uncle can support... sometimes its not easy.. rather than talking to ur sis.. u try ur side n see any improvement on ur nephew . best wishes