Friday, June 12, 2009

So what if I am a gay...........

So the news has it that Adam Lambert (runner up from the latest"American Idol") admits that he is a gay finally, he surely has my respect from coming out from the closet and declaring his true sexuality.

My wife and i have a very good family friend, who happens to be a gay, i remember 3 years ago,when over a dinner, he confided in us his true sexuality and after which in his own words he said he felt liberated. We have been friend with him all these years, personally i have seen the sad part of him more than the joyful part,why? Because he is always too cautious of letting people know that he is a gay, he has to pretend to blend him with other friends talking about finding girl friend and settling down, raise a family and having children, subjects that he is not at all interested.
I have been encouraging him to be truthful to himself, and dont try to pretend to be someone that he is not, i used to tell him this "so what if i am a gay" and i am glad that he has slowly come out to the open and are bold enough to show his partner around and guess what he is now happier than before.
Do we still see gay as someone different, or do we still stigmatize them, to ridicule them, to despise and to deny them their right of marriage, their right of entering your churches, their right in holding hands and kissing in public without being scorned at just like you and me and their right in holding office in the government in the present time?
I respect gays and most often than not i admire their truthfullness and frankness and i too believe that they have the right in living among us and not be treated like an outcast. I trully detest those who cheat on their spouse and concealing their true sexuality even to their wife or husband.
I once read about the tennis great Martina Navarlilova how she lost her privilledges that she enjoyed for being the tennis great just by decarling to the world that she was a lesbian.
P/S : Did God ever say, you cant go to heaven if you are a gay?


  1. :Aku: rasa mmg ramai gay kat mesia ni...tapi semua takut2 nak tonjolkan diri...sbbnya persepsi rakyat mesia tu sendiri...

    :Aku: tak sokong dan tak mencemuh... :Aku: relax je :D ...sbb as long as diaorg tak kaco :Aku: dan family :Aku:...

    :Aku: takde hal...

  2. Agree agree! GOD has never said that gay is not going to heaven... and I find that it much better to declare the sexuality and lead people into mistaken information. My baby godfather is also a gay anyway... and he can give all his loving care for child to her! I think for any human, responsibilities, humanity is much more important than whether being a gay/lesbian!

  3. seems like gays are more and more open lately in US...due to a change of president?

  4. People said the world is cruel.. in fact the human is..

  5. gay = happy. but not really in real fact.. haiz... thanks lao da.

  6. Agree... I have a gay friend too, he's just as normal as others, what's wrong being a gay?