Thursday, June 11, 2009

Second quarter is coming to an end.....

Can you still remember what you resolved to do last year for the year 2009, or are your resolutions still intact or could it be that you have inadvertently forgotten about all that you have promised yourself to achieve.............

As we gingerly drafted out our resolutions for 2009 just six months ago, we were so seriously telling ourselves this year by hook or by crook, we will get it all done.

Dont worry we shall all be spared from punishment even if we have missed out on our targets, i am only here to remind you and me especially to catch up what we have slacked and to bring all those resolutions of ours back to track..

THIS SERVES ONLY AS A what have you missed so far ?

P/S : As we meander towards our goals, we may stop but we must never stall.....


  1. good morning Eugene... so far, i didnt miss out any resolutions cos i didnt make them in the first place.. :)

  2. Eugene.. thanks for the reminder.. :)

  3. nice blog and have lots of stuff here.....

  4. Hi. :) Same with Claire there. but now I intend to be a better man. ;) You have a good day.

  5. LOL... I didn't make any resolution. It was not my habit, because I think, we should live better than yesterdays...=D