Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The heat is on and it's punishing..........

I really cant stand it anymore, day in and day out, morning, evening and night, day after day, it is so damn hot. They call El-Niyo effect, i just call it Hotter than Hot. May be it is the revenge of the mother earth with the crucial calling to mankind, to take of her otherwise, the result can be more detrimental and worse that what we are feeling now.

Just dont think that the weather has nothing to do with your being, mind body and soul, it just makes you fatigue, wears you down, making you lose your cool faster than the normal self, on the whole i just cant stand it anymore.

Instead of wearing long sleeves shirt attire to wear, i opted for short sleeves polo T, i have to cut down on my run and tennis, i play table tennis instead. They say the dry spell would last for another 3 months, it is aggravated with the haze problem some more, i hope the rain will come quick and chase the haze away.

Felt so lethargic and was sorry lazy even to turn on my PC over the weekend. And it slows down my mind thus that affects my blogging too.

P/S : Somethimes i just dont even know what i write,,, bye bye


  1. i hate the weather now also..can't tahan o

  2. *sigh* yeah, the heat is terrible, and the sun graze my skin every time I go out. It's just terrible... :-( These days, instead of going out of the house naked from neck up the way I usually do, I smeared spf 50 sunblock on my face and arms, because the sun is too harsh that it gives itches and burn to my skin! maybe you should buy some sunblock for your kids, Eugene...wouldn't want em to get sunburn or sun rashes! (Most of my family members are sensitive to harsh sunlight... I dunno if your kids are the same too...)

  3. Finally it rains in Alor Star today. Morning to afternoon...not bad at all. I hate the heat also, just cook more herbal tea, barley or make "leong fun" drinks...drink more water!

  4. just take it positively that it's better than some ppl freezing in other corners of the world. i heard H1N1 spreads better in cold..not sure about the fact!

  5. Now, i am down with flu for two days already, may be the weahter is not being nice to me

  6. arrrgghh..haze in kl is worst ever..make everyone fall sick with flu and cough..><