Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This always happens to me, when i am...........

First of all, i like to say that i am not a heretic kind of person, i do believe in God, in fact i have been Christian for many years now. To me God is a personal kind of relationship that we established with The Almighty, and it intertwines between you and Him.

So that personal relationship with Him to me must be in some degree be evident in your own life thus that would give you a sense of belonging that you are with Him or His with you. What do i mean? you may ask, so let me just share a little bit here and there what i experienced as a God's child, it might not be something as dramatic as a blockbuster movie, but then again like i said, it is between me and Him.

If you have been a Christian long enough, these few words may not in anyway sound foreign to you, words like back-slided, prodigal son, in the wilderness and lost sheep. Guess it is part of one's spiritual journey to have once or even more times feeling lost, going against Him, back-slided and drifting apart from one's religious endevour. Not so sure about you, i have for many times drifting apart from Him, and everytime when this happens,something strange would just happen.

You may call it a mere co-incidental, but i bet it sure happens to me. Everytime when i am lost in Him, somehow, somewhere and someone will just give me a calling telling me something like this "hey it is time to be back to the fold"

Just this morning, as it is my job function to make cold-telephone call to solicit for business, i didnt know how i stumbled upon this phone number, i called up, asking for the person in charge and introduced myself, and bingo, without me realizing it, i was on the line with an old church friend ,(Katherine is her name), i once was teaching her child in the chindren church, and he is now 25 years old and so we chatted.

Guess what, like it has always happened to me, she too was politely and nicely telling me the same thing "hey it is time to go back to the fold"

Once again, it was just like another meeting with HIM, through another child of HIS. You might not identify with me but like i said, this is kind of personal relationship i have in HIM, no matter how naughty i have been.

P/S : It is wonderful to know for once in a while that SOMEONE cares.


  1. they called it Godsend angels.. or indirectly telling u something, as u said..
    so the important part is.. what r u going to do about it? :)

    thanks for durian info...see this week can grab some and eat or not..

  2. Haha. I'm one of those that have been wondering for years and years now......

  3. Thats what 'Angels is among us'.. the Messenger of God.. use us as His instruments.. to let other 'sing' again.. hehee

  4. Hey my dear brother, God is definately working in your heart!
    Why not you give Him a chance? As you knew that the story of the Prodigal Son... remember that His arms are always open wide to welcome you. God bless!

  5. John 12.35

    God bless you.