Friday, May 08, 2009

Two Lives saved, One lesson learnt.......

He was driving to town in one afternoon, suddenly he felt an intense chest pain which was so excruciating he thougth he would die on the spot, cold sweat was coming out from his palms, and the dizziness was so overwhelming that he wanted to knock his head on the sterling wheel, but luck was on his side, he managed to rush himself to General Hospital,soon enough he was warded in an Intensive Care Unit. The experience my friend went through last week, he is 44 years of age.

He is a near perfectionist, heavy smoker and drinker, been sharing with me lately that his blood pressure has been hovering in the range of 180/130, i have been advising him to take life easy and his answer will always be like this "eugene, i am not like you, easy going, couldnt care less kind of guy, i have to make more money" And when he could not take it any longer the headache and the pain, he finally decided to check himself in to private hospital, after two days there, he was told that the he had blockage in the valve. He is 46 years of age, my very good friend.

Both incidents happened just last week, two lives were saved but one important lesson to be learnt.

Both of them missed the call of death, after these two incidents that inflicted upon these two friends of mine, i was in a way studying their lifestyles and after which i could only conclude that they both have one THING very identical, their stress level is outrageously high.

In fact stress can affect us from many angles, family,career,finance,relationship and even our own attitudes towards life itself. We were not taught in school how to handle stress, eventhough we can read so much about managing stress,but the reality this,when it attacks you then you are left alone to fight it.

I used to experience stress in its ugliest form too when my business was not doing good and everything seemed so bad, losing sleep and i thought puffing and drinking away would alleviate the stress but to no avial.Seriously, learning to let go is easier said than done but then again if you dont learn to let go, you will never let it done.

I love running and swimming so much because too me, it is my ultimate stress buster, if you are not into any excercise, try picking up one, you will live to regret it if you dont.

Note: Try picking up this book and give it a read "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" by Robin Shalma

P/S : A good pair of running shoes may cost RM400, but the reward may well be a godsend

PPS : If you have been shackled with any form of depression, please share with us how you got out of it and emerged a victor, let us learn from you, who knows your experience may just may someone's antidote, someone out there may thank you for it, think about it,ya?


  1. the shoes and make a Run For Our Lives..
    remember the show during the black and white days in our TV "Run for your life"... i still remember that.. but forgotten the actor's name...
    oh my topic has branched out...
    yes, good to exercise.. heart attack can be anytime.. can even be in their 30s...

  2. =.= Talk about stress... stress can kill... I've been into stress and depression once, and I have to say, it's VERY VERY destructive to health!

  3. yeah ..... reminds me of an old coursemate who just change job to a more challenging one and also, move based to another city. When i told him I take it easy now and wants to have more time for myself and family, and contented, he's teasing me. There are always people who will keep stressing for $$$....

  4. I somehow think that our lifestyle force us to stress out, work longe hours, over fatigue and lack of exercise causes heart desease..

  5. I am walking more nowadays.. to work and stuff. Yeah, it is good to exercise. some more, my family have history of heart problems..