Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was scared to death...

Friday has always been my most favourite day of the week, on Friday my mood will be super high and jovial but last friday it was a total opposite as far as i was concerned and i was really scared to death.

I was having some kind of muscle pull on my left chest, it was intense and relieved for a while then the pain came back, and as i was vegetating in front of the PC, pictures of my friends suffering from heart attack suddenly appeared in my mind and i thought could i be suffering from the attack. I quickly google searched for the symptoms of a heart attack to see if i had the symptoms of one.

I told my business partner of my chest pain, and he advised me to go and see a doctor and so i did. And as usual, the doctro asked me what's wrong and i described to him my conditions, stiff neck,pull of chest muscle, he checked on me and telling me i was all right. I insisted to know why then did i have muscle pull and stiff neck, professionaly the doctor explained to me, it was due to guess what.... STRESS.

I was taught that i was a kind of jolly happy go lucky kind of person, stress is a distant name to me, but suddenly i realized that i have not been sleeping well and been thinking of certain nonsense playing at the back of my mind.

I seriously need to have a relook at myself again, you see infact i am a happy go lucky kind of person but subconciosly i invite the unknown stress without me realizing it. For an instance, my wife used to tell me i should i get all fired up whenever i see people flauting the traffic rules, i would lose my cool whenever i see that and i would keep honking at that fella.

Yah, so now i know, i really have to take life a little easier before i lose my sanity, i have to learn from my beloved wife who is always as cool as a watermelon. I dont want to get stressed out easily.

Please forgive me, i have been telling my friends to take life easy,in fact i cant live up to what i propagate, let me learn and continue to learn.

P/S : I want to be as cool as a cucumber, and giving you some juice of chilliness


  1. aiyo,

    must take care of ur yourself for the sake of your loves at home...

    relax relax!

  2. heart is a silent killer as i have experienced noticing.. so be careful, bro.. do some stress test to confirm... dont delay...

  3. Hi Eugene, take care of yourself, don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff buddy :)

  4. Good that you go to see doctor. Take care ya! Don't think too much. :)

    p/s: Have you heard of Inner Talk? (www.innertalk.com.my/eng/index.asp ). They have this free download on mp3 for stress free (www.innertalk.com/mp3.html ). You can try listen to it. Hope it helps.

  5. yeah take it easy from now on, it's easy to say but think of the love ones aorund you.

  6. Hey bro, do take care of yourself and take things lightly. Life is just too short to live. It also could happen to me, as you know been facing work stress lately. Just got to learn how to chill.

  7. That was frightening. Can feel it in your post. Not pulling your leg. Because the first time my father had chest pain, he ignored, then came the second one, much stronger and he collapsed. Luckily got someone sent him to hospital.

    Go make complete medical checkup. Agree with reanaclaire, don't delay.

  8. Take it easy bro! it's always good to see a doc when things not right. Just work within your limits, eat well, exercise and have a balance life!

  9. Eugene... i completely understand how painful you felt. A lot of sickness is a consequence of STRESS. As I mentioned before, I was into a serious depression once. I have yet to share my experience with you. The only thing that kept me from being suicidal is the thoughts of my loved ones.

    Having such depression, I finally understood the importance of sharing my problems and burden with someone and not let it bottled up. And I've come to the realization that sometimes, people do need psychiatrist. And one should not feel embarrassed to seek professional help.

  10. lesson on how to relieve stress........take on photography :)

  11. Hi BIL...

    take good care...


  12. hmmm....
    Be more happy minded and relax friend...

  13. Glad you're ok. Relax. Go out and pamper yourself. Have a drink with friends, go for foot reflexology or a body massage...go and enjoy a nice dinner at a nice place. Listen to songs you love... Stress is as bad as hypertension and all those! Blogging's bad too! Too much inactivity - in front of the computer for too long!

    Take care...your family needs you!

  14. Hi Eugene

    Stress eh? Beware, the symptoms could be an early sign of heart problem in disguise as stress. Just keep monitoring yourself. A doctor's diagnosis could be wrong sometimes too - don't blame them coz some illnesses share the same early symptoms.

    Keep track of your health. Cheers :)

  15. hey eugene... take care of ur health, your family needs u =)

  16. Relax, take it easy and take care!