Thursday, May 14, 2009


As i was lounging lazily on my sofa on Monday night, trying to catch the news at 8 in the evening, and it seemed that the evening news was nothing but boring,so i decided to switch channel, then i stumbled upon the Oprah Winfrey' show on Starworld, i was immediately glued to the set as the show was about women entering the threshold into the 40s and i thought to myself maybe i can learn a little here and there from the show,now that i am also in my 40s.

There was this scene from a lady audience who was in a way rebuked by Oprah when this particular audience named Greta(i remember) was asked how she would describe her 40s hood, and Greta said to her 40 was suck and disasterous. Immediately, Oprah summoned Greta to rephrase what she just said into something more positive and edifying, when looking at Greta one should be able to tell that this lady is in no way a happy soul,and maybe it could be true that her words in negativity has shaped her to be likewise negative, and manifested well in her present life.

That particular episode of Oprah show, featured some very inspiring and heart warming accounts of those ladies above 40s, how they braced themselves looking for true happiness and how they believe life can really start at 40, which incidentally brought me back about my eldest sister who divorced at the age of 45 in the name of "pursuit of happiness", and i sincerely hope she is happy now.

That was this part where Natalie Cole (daugther of the famous crooner Nat King Cole) share her story of her life, where fame got to her and she was living at the other side of the world, and now at the age of 59, she is living a LIFE.

Looks like irrespective of gender, one must really strive to look for even a pinch of happiness at least in the little thing we do, i am learning and i hope we can all learn to be happy, learn to change our taughts and frame of mind from the negative to the otherwise.

P/S : I begin to love myself more each day


  1. reading this makes my day... hehee...

  2. It's great to know that you are loving yourself more each day. I also find it hard to love myself initially but now I'm loving myself everyday!

    It's also true that your current mind frame is very important - how you perceive life and your attitude towards life. I find that when we are in a positive frame of mind no matter what the current circumstances are, we will begin to attract positive experiences.

    So stay happy always, because happiness is really nothing but a state of the mind. Besides, when we are happy, we begin to attract even more happiness! Isn't life fun! : )

  3. yea I agree! it made my day too!

  4. ... one must really strive to look for even a pinch of happiness at least in the little thing we do...

    I like this and I thank you. Sometimes I forgot but other people, in this case other bloggers, remind me. ;)

    Cheers! Have a wonderful day.

  5. Thanks for this post, bro. Though im not 40 yet but nearing, this post has been inspiring! Will all out to live life to the fullest!

  6. 8 more years to go for me....many says that men will tend to be more hamsap by then. true??...lolz. cheers bro and god bless :)

  7. I love oprah show and it always inspiring...yes..I want to start my happy need to wait till I reach 40..hehehhe..

  8. Hmm... really ah, Calvin, men become more hamsap at that age? Looks like I need to build a tower and lock up my hubby for my own pleasure when he reach that age! Whahahaha...

    Eugene, I love myself and my skinny body! It allows me to eat wudever I want, and gets lots of my peers envious of me! WHAHAHAH!

  9. You watch Oprah eh? not many guys i know watch her..

  10. wow.. this is a great post,, glad you accept shows like Oprah some men can't, although I am not a daytime (midday show here in australia) talk show watcher but I do like Oprah, heare'd a lot of positive feedback about her show...

    I am in my 40's and life's goes on as it is like in my 20's or 30's, there is something I noticed about myself though that all my experiences in life has brought me maturity and understanding what life is all about, so I thank all my experiences, it made me special in my own way.... thanks for posting.