Saturday, May 16, 2009

She left me,,, yet again

She gave me a kiss on the cheek asking me to take care of myself and two boys and a good friend of ours came and sent her to the airport last night and now she is about 400 km away from me, after which i drowned a big bottle of beer as an inducement to get me to a good night sleep instead of missing her and tossing around on bed and losing my sleep.

There is a famous Chinese saying" a brief separation feels better than newly wed" how true that saying can be because everytime when my wife is away from me, i would feel that i really miss her a lot than usual, but thank God her sojourn 400km away only last for a few days, and i guess i have to make good of these few days to spend some quality time with my boys and yes i intend to do some planting on some flower pots.(i really hope i will do it this time around no matter how few it turns out to be)

Been married to a my wife for about 13 years now and i am blessed to have such a wonderful woman, i am sure she is not a perfect wife but then again i am not a perfect husband either, i see my weakness in her strength, i learn to be a better man from her patience.

Gonna miss a jolly good Friday night with my wife today, but never mind lah, i will have my two wonderful boys to keep me company as i wait for the return of my beautiful wife.

Looks like i can finish my novel this weekend and keeping missing her over the weekend and try not to booze so much.hahahahah.

P/S : "Hey,, have you ever tried, really reaching out for the other side. I may be climbing on rainbows but baby,here goes. Dreams, they're for those who sleep, life is for those who keep and if you're wondering what this song is leading to, i want to make it with you, i really think that we can make it girl.


  1. *green with envy*

    haha...wonderful to hear this after some sad and unforseen happenings during the past week...

  2. Awwww so loving!

    I'm sure the missus will appreciate this post. Have a great weekend with the kids Eugene.

  3. I hope my hubby will do the same to me..keep missing me everytime hehehehe...

  4. LOL... happy babysitting, bro! :-P And have a quality weekend with your cute lil boys!

  5. ur wife very the "hang fook" leh...
    Must ask my bf to learn from u d...

  6. heineken will be your good companion while mrs. eugene is away :) have a great weekend yo!

  7. ohh thank Godness, she's only away for a few days, you made worry about you with your blog title lol!! yes nobody's perfect, we may be poor in one area but high on some areas to make up for...

    I like that song, and I like "Bread"

  8. Wow! Nice post this one. ;) You should put a permanent link at your blog. :D Cheers and have a nice day. ;)

  9. She sure is a lovely wife! :) How lucky! Thank you for following.

  10. wow...romantic...loving...

    a model couple :)

  11. this trend is almost extinct in most married couples lor! If my hubby does that I would think Malaysia woould snow or either that he is INSANE oredi!

    Mrs. Eugene..u are darn lucky & a great wife to have such great hubby!

    Eugene, U r a good man & u deserve each other!