Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some girls have all the luck,,and some girls have all the pain

She was stunningly beautiful, and she still is even she is in her late 30s but there is just one thing that always eludes her, she never seems to have a good life, her previous three marriages were all flawed. Phrases of cheating husband, abusive husband, and good for nothing husband are not at all too alien to her for, she knows it too well.

Seriously a beauty like her i reckon should be enjoying a good life, to be a "Tai Tai" "lady of substance" have some kids, driving some good cars, annual overseas vacation, can easily pamper herself LV,Gucci, Hermes and whatever branded stuff she could amass but then again just like they say some girls have all the luck.

I guess when she was younger,she only wanted to be just another beautiful girl who could settle down with a husband that would love her dearly, to pamper her, to treasure here, but she never got to enjoy all this. If Karma were to be something that could manifest itself in her present life, i bet she must be thinking that she was some girl who was so bad in her previous life.

The person in this story is someone i know personally and dearly, a person in my opinion that should be having a good life, a person with a good heart and beauty like she is i hope will finally find her true happiness and strength.

P/S : Treat her like a lady, please...


  1. Im not beautiful..and still pain keep following me..huhuuu

  2. interesting..

    all ladies should be treated the right way! =D


  3. so...
    We must do more good things in this life...

  4. This reminds me of a friend. She's beautiful and has everything going for her, and I always thought she'd end up marrying someone equally like her. But I'm afraid she's going to make a big mistake by marrying someone wrong for her soon :(

  5. Ohh, poor thing, she deserve better.

  6. Life is unexpected.... best wishes for your friend there.