Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"good morning, angels"

Didnt know it has been that long, the Charlie's angels, first came out in 1976 and now is 2009 which makes it 33 years old. Farra Fawcett, Jackln Smith and Kate Jackson the three women working for a PI, with the most familiar voice coming from the little speaker box on the table greeting the girls with " good morning angels" and with their sultry voices the girls would respond "good morning, Charlie"
Back then i remember watching the show behind bars,i mean behind the gate of my neighbour's house if i could remember it was always at 9 in the evening, we could not afford a TV because it was sheer luxury owning one then. When the show came out from the four legged Telefunken black and white tv consol which even had sliding door, my first reaction would always be to look out for Farrah Fawcett, she was a true sex symbol among the three with her signature blonde hairstytle.

Recently read the news about Farrah making a documentary about herself and her fight against cancer, and she even allowed herself to be filmed in her most excruciating and painful moments battling cancer. Her time is tickling away on her but i guess she has accomplished the last mission that's to let the world to see the ungliest form of cancer attack.

Cancer is the most dreaded disease ever known to man, it devours you, it deforms you, it mutilates you. I remember many years ago, i visited a goodfriend whose wife was suffering from cancer, and you could not simply imagine how painful ,torturing and how tormenting cancer can inflict upon its victims.

Looks like Charlie is going to lose one of his angels and as for me Farrah Fawcett is or was to be the most stunning of all Charlie's Angels.

P/S : Thanks for the memory


  1. i was also mentioning to my fren about Farrah on Sunday... yes, she is an one can replace her...

  2. Farrah is one of my favourite Angels... sad to hear about that.

  3. Ohh! the original Charlie's angel!

  4. I forget to comment about cancer. Cancer...i am not sure which one is scarier. Cancer or the medication for cancer. Some died, not because of cancer itself, but because of chemical poisoning.

    I have been told that to fight cancer by using chemo, is like having two different kind of venom fighting in your body, and your body can be likened to a victim of the war that's going on in the body. Two force fought for victory in the body, and slowly, you weakened because of it. If you're lucky, then you will survive, but not without damage. Some will be damaged physically while a good others is mentally damaged.

    I would say, cancer is a dangerous test. to one's bosy and to relationship. If cancer is not deadly and fatal, i would have wished for it so that I could see who loved me unconditionally and would be by my side in the time of fear and sickness. but cancer is not, and so, I pray it does not come to me or any of those in my family, for I know, i am not strong enough to face it.

  5. When cancer strikes, everybody loses something. But then they gain something else, e.g. appreciation and not taking things for granted. Have a nice day.

  6. I still remember this movie..yes..I feel sorry to Sarah..

    I used to watched this film with my bro and sis when I was a kid...I love the move, dress, mean this movie starting from year 1976? wow...that long already..

  7. the series is as old as me....gosh!! and yes, farah fawcett is stunning...sad though. but my vote goes to jaclyn smith :)

  8. Fawcett's story is very sad. It shows the ups and downs cancer patients face, thinking they're cured or in remission only to have it come back again.