Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Give me a Name...please

"I like to give it a try" " I have read so much about it" " See that guy is making money and he is like in his 20s" " I really want to give it try" " Hey i got sick about it, we have been talking about it for a long time now, and we should take that First Step" etc and etc.

A good friend of mine, we are both businessman (small scaled one) have been mulling over idea of starting up, guess what? Business on the net, and seriously we have been talking about it for quite a while now, and sadly nothing concrete has come out of it.

So over the last coffee meeting with this friend of mine, i was telling him "ok, enough talking, let get down to serious business" i said to him we should not just harboring the taught of it, instead we must bring the seed of thought or idea to fruition. On the whole, we must take that crucial First Step.

And as we both ponder about what that crucial First Step should be, i told my friend i reckon the crucial First Step is to register a domain, and we both need a Name, a Name that's easy to remember, easy to utter.

I suggested to my friend that i would take this task of name our domain to my blog visitors and seeking their ideas, i told him most bloggers are creative lots and they can surely come out with beautiful or even out of the world names.

So, guys if you happen to drop by here, please dont leave before i give me your suggestion of what to name our first Domain, ok?

Ok, The business model is as such, a website for the teenagers, an avenue for them to vent their frustration, to share thier taughts, their ideas, and promoting merchandise for anything that's teen

P/S : We humbly ask, and we hope you can gladly contribute


  1. ""

    hahaa... how to give u a name when we do not know what biz u r venturing into? dealing with what? the name of the blog should be connected to the topic ...

    oh, perhaps, i have missed reading that in yr post?

  2. its important to know what type of biz you are going in to. then we can figure out a name :)

  3. ya! need to know what biz you venturing into leh bro! if not how to suggest?

  4. I agree with Claire & Calvin. I've been toying with the idea of doing an internet-based business but I've nothing to work on.

    So, the first step should be the type of products and services that you want to provide to customers, and whether these are suitable for online business.

    I'd also suggest that you read up some good books on how to make businesses on the Internet. Learn how young chaps become rich in just a few years (yup, YEARS).

    As in other businesses, ideas and brains (and some luck) are elements of success.

    Don't tread on unknown roads when you're not familiar with it, and don't jump into the ocean when don't even know how to swim.

    Good luck, Eugene. And when you're successful, let us know your success. :)

  5. ai yoh, cannot let you know the type of product and services ma,
    trade secret,
    anyway it should revolve around teenager stuff,,,

  6. eugene...secret secret how to give a name? hehe...

  7. since teenagers are innocent & new in so many things & this watever business have u as a partner.. Name it

  8. Need to know what type of business u r involved, else very hard to give a name. How abt YouthDreams, YouthFusions, ElectricYouth....etc etc

  9. How about First Step? You've repeating those few times already. :D

    Variant: 1st Step; 1Step; 1stStep...

    Or First Youth; Youth First... ;)