Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Another wedding, another blessing, another challenge

Like i said,i dont fancy going to weddings for the following reasons 1) everyone seems to have lost track of time, when the wedding is supposed to start a 7.30 pm, the hall can only be filled may be another 45 minutes later. reason 2) i dont take shark fin soup (you know man kills shark more than sharks kill man ) but for Chinese wedding, shark fin soup is the must, reason no 3)The way the foods being served as it always as if everyone is rushing to catch a flight, zoom in and zoom out fast.

As much as i dread going to wedding, there bound to be some that i truly enjoyed, like the last

weekend's one, the wedding of my wife collegues June and Jordan. It was simply because i know personally many of my wife collegues and it happened to be on the eve of May the 1st, so i was telling myself that i wanted to attend and gave myself some jolly good times.
My wife with her former collegue, Wono Loh who has since been like part of my family, we are closely knitted just like a real family, and thank you Brother Loh for being our driver to the wedding so that we could enjoye ourselves tremendously, thank again.

When you look at my face and my wife's, you sure know that we were really enjoying ourselves and the beers should contributed to our jolliness.

P/S: All the best to June and Jordan, sorry didnt take many pictures just a few because we were too immersed in enjoying ourselves


  1. Looking very happy indeed Eugene :))

  2. me too.....everyone turns out to be either a glutton or a zombie, rushing for food. pay ang pow already must eat more....lol. long time didnt visit you d....very busy lately. :)

  3. Very true. :D Perhaps we should emulate our "Art" Minister's advice: (1) Start early; (2) End early; (3) Don't waste money: sorry, no shark fin, too expensive, serve buffet instead (no rush, plenty of food, easier to manage). ;)

    My brother once proposed having his wedding in a restaurant where everybody orders her/his own choosing (which brought my mum's frown). :D

  4. once..i waited for 2 hours at a KL dinner before it starts. Guess these problems not so imminent in small towns.

  5. wow, u really have lots of dinner to attend this few weeks!