Friday, May 01, 2009

Can sombody please help me....

I went for a swim yesterday, and for the first time in my life, i really mean for the First Time in my life, i swam for 14 laps of 50 meter/per lap (non stop,) and i really felt very proud of myself, even it might not be a feat to many of you but for me i really felt like i was Micheal Phelps.

Ooops, sorry folks i am not trying to be braggart but i am stil feeling the joy right untill now, and i could not believe i did it. So now i really conclude that in fact i can do what i usually thought i could not if i really focus on it and stay on that track,that incidentally brings me to another thing that i really want to do but i have procastinated in bringing it to fruition, GUESS what it is?

I will stop right here, let us play a GUESSING game,what do you think this thing that i really want to do but i have not gotten around doing it? i give you some clues

Clue no 1) you must do it with your hands
Clue no 2)It takes a lot of T L C (tender loving and care)
Clue no 3)aint no sunshine and it 's gone
Clue no 4)screw the hole and put it in
Clue no 5)the joy is not instantaneous, but the sweat is
Clue no 6)nice to do it outdoor, nicer still you can embrace it indoor

ok, ok, i think the clues are suffice, and please try to crack it for tomorrow is a public holiday(Labour day) so nothing serious. No reward for getting the answer right, but if you can get it right, i bet you could just be the one that i really need you to help me to accomplish this task of mine that i have vaulted at the back of my mind for a long time now.

P/S : Happiness is learning to take the joy with our little accomplishment.


  1. wat R you talking about? i have no idea.. dun feel like thinking much today.. just wanna relax.. the weekend is here! have a great weekend! :)

  2. =.= Eugene... I'm famous for having a horny mind. So my answer would be sex. *shrug*

  3. Whatever it is that you're gonna do, have FUN! and have a happy long weekend!

  4. oops,cleff, so very sorry,your horniness wrongs you this time

  5. swim first time and can swim so easily? thats awesome! i remember i had a hard time trying to stay floating when i swam for the first time! =D

  6. hey :) thanks for dropping by!
    14 laps is a good start. :)

    let me see,
    im really bad in guessing,
    so I'm just going to have to wait til you tell us what its all about !

  7. bro....gardening ah?

  8. Installing DIY electrical swinger with a solar panel for your loved ones, to welcome a new family member. :D The smile she gives you is the most joyous one, though not the sweat. :D

    I know I'm off the mark. Cheers! ;)

  9. PLANTING something!!

    I am sure I am right!!

  10. i need to clarify on thing for Kenwooi, it was not the first swimming,but it was the first time i did 14 laps,,, sorry for my bad use of english,,hahahaha

  11. I WATCHED SLUMDOG... is it something to do with shit?

  12. planting some sun-loving plants but that needs a lot of digging?

  13. woowww..14 laps..that really alot mann!!!i only could swim alot when im in stress or anger..>< .a way for me to release stress..anyway,happy a great weekends ahead^^

  14. Salam ziarah. Sekadang membuat hebahan. Mungkin ini dapat membantu orang-orang kita diwaktu gawat sekarang.

    Rancangan "Who Wants To Be A MillionaireBlogger.Net" kini, ke udara di screen komputer anda. Sertai & daftar sekarang. Kemasukan adalah PERCUMA...

  15. Hi - first time visiting your blog (via STP's blog)- nice - I like that you are also using your blogs as open love letters to your other-half and children... :)

    My guess: Planting a small tree/plant that will also thrive indoor.