Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Growing In Sane albeit some growing pains

Nobody says it is easy dealing with a soon to be teenager son, as much as it gives you a lot of joy,it gives you a fair share of frustration at the same time and my lovely wife can testify to it without a doubt. Not much of a heartache for me though, but for my lovely wife,i guess she takes it more seriously.

Last week was kind of a bombshell for my lovely wife when she was told of the exam result from my eldest Jovial (12 years old), he took a nosedive from his Chinese exam, from previous 85 to the current 55, what a shock indeed and i was not spared either from my wife's wrath as she claimed that i had been too accommodating to my eldest's request for extra computer playing time.

I tried not to aggravate the already tensed situation when it all happened, the scolding and the rebukes directed at my eldest, i took a backseat to make sure that i would talk to my son when the strom has settled down.

I was trying to gauge could it be the extra hour that i allowed him for the computer game a day,that did the harm or could it be something else,may be his attitude in general. Deep inside me,i know my sons are clever and intelligent, and i hold to the belief that it must be his attitude towards study that's detrimental,hence i need to talk to him again about this ATTITUDE issue, and i also need to look at myself and the ways that i use in educating him, could it be right or otherwise.

I have a responsibility to my sons's well being in all areas, grooming them to be a better man, i know it is hard but at the same time for their sake, i love to do it. As my eldest is fast growing up, i must constantly remind myself that i have to set a good example for my son to emulate, not all in my entirety but the good attitudes that i would like him to have but at the same time i must learn to let go, to let him take the leap and to fall or to leap over and i guess that's the best part of growing up.

I want him to make some mistakes but to always know that he has got a dad who is always there for him to guide him through.

P/S : Enjoy growing up with my sons


  1. Dealing with teenage son or daughter is not easy...at this stage they always think they are right..and need not anybody 'enter' their world..so be careful in educate our children hehehe..like I already have a son..hehehehe..

  2. yes..agree with C. above..dealing with kids esp at their teens is quite difficult AT Times only.. not all the time but certain times, when both parent and teenager a "answering" warzone..
    speaking from experience ma..
    but blood is thicker than water.. we mend up pretty fast...
    so about school subjects, there are certain times that they cannot get the marks high all the time..not all the time but at certain times...
    "scold" all you like but give back some "hugs" too...
    no one said parenting is an easy task...

  3. Should be more worried if u have a teen daughter...

  4. I think not only teenager, dealing with child at all stages is not straight forward to me. Hehe do share your experience and how you educate them so that we can learn from you. :)