Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Why dont we turn off the radio(s)...........

I've always thought that radio was supposed to be entertaning, to cheer up your days, to bring your joy like the good old days,but i guess we just cant bring back the good old days anymore.

Listening to radio now seems more like frustration then relaxation, for one, they keep repeating the same songs at least 3 to four times a day, be it Hit, Mix, Light and Easy or even Red FM. Just the other day, when i decided to "throw it the towel" and giving up on listening to radio, i thought i might as well for the last time give our national English radio station (Traxx FM) a last chance, i changed that dial to Traxx, i breathed a sigh a relief at last i could listen to something unlike those formatted radio stations with repeated songs being played, Traxx does play good selection of music, different genres.

But my happiness was short lived,right on the dot of every hour, they broadcast the news, i was thinking to myself can there be so much news to be told, that they have to do it hourly, and i could say even the news content is kind of lopsided(if you know what i mean), and the way and the manner the deejays manning the show was nothing much to crave for.

Seriously, as far as i am concerned, there is just no one particular deejay that can be considered prominient,unlike those days, we had the likes of Yasmin Yusoff and Patrick Teoh with their antics and their ways of commanding attention from the listeners, we just got glued to them, i really think radios now are dead.

So, i guess i will hava to get my car CD player fixed and say Adios to listening to the radios with their repeating of songs and the silly jokes made by the deejays.

P/S: Looks like CD player kills the radio stars.............


  1. yes, anytime patrick.. i miss him .. those years, i took the transistor radio to office..from 8-10am.. must listen while working and laughed over his sarcastic remarks.. so bad i was.. laughing at the poor ones who called him then..but he was so interesting, right? yes, yasmin too and this angie baby.. sexy voice.. too bad radio 4 stopped their contracts..
    i can still remember the april fool joke on the dancing ducks .. u remember?

  2. I can't remember when was the last time I had my car audio tuned to the airwaves...

    3 main reasons why I am not tuning in to these commercial radio stations:

    1) Long-winding, driving-distracting (with the honk-honks sound effects in the ads) radio commercials, espescially prevalent during peak hours.

    2) Traffic reports from Prescillia Patrick (hope I got that name right). I have nothing against her, but seriously, those reports are really not helpful because it doesn't tell me the best route to get to my destination. Most of the time, it's just like an alarm clock that sets off during peak hours...

    3) Boring DJs...especially the Chinese-based radio stations. Maybe it's time they realize that the listeners tuned in to listen to music, not their long-winded monologues.

  3. You are right - most of the radio DJs and announcers these days are crap! They can't even speak proper English! They speak in localised lingo which is really irritating - it's fine if u speak that way among your friends/family but NOT on national radio! The few good ones that we had have all left radio, sighh! Yes, radio is dead.

  4. hahahaha....i was going to rant about this, this week. its pretty common these days all radio stations kept on repeating their songs over and over again. plus those annoying adverts.

  5. Bro... the word is PAYOLA! LOL.... radio station practices payola, that's why they keep repeating those so called 'top' songs over and over again til we get sick of it!

  6. i turn on the radio for half an hour every day .. dat day, i wont be listening to repeats.. but somehow, sometime, it's still possible to get repeats in that half hour.. believe?

  7. Thats why I always played CD in my car..hehehee

  8. Nowadays I seldom switch on the radio as the DJs are talking non-stop, and the music are really bored! Imagine I can actually 'sing' a new song each day coz they kept repeating and repeating... When it comes to Chinese channels, as if it's a chit chat corner! *sigh* Where's the drive to light up ppl's day?

  9. I listen to traxx...but the current djs are not my cup of tea. Here I also listen to Rede - our own RTM station in Kuching and some of the djs do play songs that I like...more than traxx. We don't get the others unless we wanna stare at a blank tv screen on Astro.