Friday, April 03, 2009

Signed.....Yours cheekily

Another day is ended but i still cant sleep, thinking of what to write today,i began to cheek.........,i wish i could turn back the clock,bring the wheel of time to a stop...........looks like it is too late now, Friday is dawning,and i try faitfully and fervently as usual to cheer you guys up on every Friday so this friday i intend to do something a little different,and shall call it "Why You Should Be There "

On every Friday of this April, i will put up a blogger of whom in my opinion is good and worth your visit to his or her site. I shall give you only 3 valid reasons why i chose certain blogger to put in my "Why You Should Be There" In return if you really think my recommendation is worth spreading, then i sincerely ask you to allocate a small space in your next post to recommend that particular blogger and encourage your readers to visit his or her blog as well, but there is one thing you should do though, you should add another reason (just one) on top of my 3 valid reasons why you love to recommend that particular blogger,and let the numbers of reasons increase through out the week.

Ok, then if i can have your consent,let start the ball rolling (again,please dont treat this as a tag, i hate tagging)

For my first recommendable blogger, i shall pick Claire of , and as promised me i shall table my 3 valid reasons to support my recommendation...

1)She is one blogger that truly amazes me with her tenacity of achieving her motto of "eat blog, sleep blog , talk blog" she is a real blog junkie. She puts up at least a post daily, sometimes it can run to (to the best of my knowledge) 9 posts in own particular day,going to her site makes you feel brand new each time you are there.

2)She is one person who is ever willing to share her knowledge with any rookie blogger, and she would go extra mile to help another fellow blogger.

3)Lastly she is loving and committed mother and a God fearing blogger.

So in order to make this "Why You Should Be There" intereting, i would allow you to differ from my recommendation and you can shoot me down by giving me another 3 valid reasons why that particular blogger is not worth visiting.

So please click Here to go to her blog.

P/S : Sometime it is good to blow the trumpet for someone nice


  1. ya, ya....on top of that, she is a loving mother and a dog lover. much like me.....strongly recommend. :)

  2. n she has a very nice handphone too? :)

  3. aiyah! no wonder my left eyelids keep jumping up and down today.. till i have to put a finger there to still it..

    wei Eugene, u r up to yr cheekiness again.. next time i give u topic to write ...

    (*on a softer note* hope i can live up to being the craziest blogger in IPOH.. eat blog, think blog, sleep log...aaaahhhhhhhhhh.. seow leow!)

  4. haha... makan blog, tidur blog... minum blog?